Saturday, May 5, 2012

Advanced Studies... ready, set, go!

Hello, fellow house-cuppers. This is Angiejude your Advanced Studies reporter, keeping an eye on the most amazing, ambitious projects for this term. 

For those of you who are First years, NQFYs or really haven’t been paying attention to the Advanced studies part of the cup, let me start by saying that although the class points are the ones that are strictly required, the Advanced studies points have been known to give advantage to a house. 
And even if you aren't that much into competition, those threads are full of amazing inspiration. I know I always drool at what people attempt and, for the most part, accomplish!

Let me tell you a bit about this week’s happenings in the Spring OWL Hall. Unless you were under a rock, you must have realized that the Hall was packed from May 1st and the proposals are still pouring in.

damiknitter, MINDYSUE, Frick and Spike are our strict examiners this term, assisted by catdragon, lanismom, softnshiny and Shadawyn. They will all have their work cut out for them, I’m sure. As of Friday night there were one hundred and eleven recorded proposals. And this is just week one.

As far as interesting projects go, there are lot of beautiful promises and a visual smorgasbord of yarn. But there are projects that stand out and we may very well have to keep an eye on them to see their development.

One of those projects is the one proposed by Slytherin’s QallieQ, who proposed a humongous Doctor Who afghan. It needs... please sit down... six thousand nine hundred and thirty yards! QallieQ, you must be off your rocker but we will all be rooting for you and keeping an eye on your progress!

Another project we should really keep an eye on is Ravenclaw’s otismurph’s proposed Astronomy OWL. She will design a jumper and the swatch for her colorwork is A-MA-ZING. That will be a beautiful sweater.

Our dear Headmistress, yarnvista proposed a HoM OWL herself, planning to spin her way into those coveted 100 points. Good luck! 

Remember, you have until May 31st to propose an OWL, after that only changes to existing proposals will be taken.

As for the Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (NEWTs), proposals were due on April 22nd and remember, you have until May 31st to make any modifications to them and to turn in your 50% for 50 points.

Badamy, DJMeurer, naturallyknitty and slmoses are your NEWT examiners, dividing the twenty two ongoing projects between themselves.

As for memorable proposals, we have our very lovely GazeboGal, on her third NEWT (faint) and this one is about Aristotelian Elements. Three beautiful shawls! We will check them out closely.

Gryffindor’s Vertigo1414 got a new Sonata wheel about a month ago and she is intending to spin her way into those 200 points. Her rovings look so amazing!

And what can I say about the before-mentioned naturallyknitty? Give that woman a couple of sheep and you will have an awesome sweater by July. Her proposed NEWT is wash, dye, card, spin and knit her 2 bags full of fleece. And no, people, this is not the first time she’s done that either.

Last but not least, let’s talk about The Order of the Phoenix (OotP). Proposals will be accepted starting TOMORROW, May 6th. We shall see very interesting things and we hope to have all the juice about them for next week. Your examiners are isisonearth, vox8, GazeboGal and TheWindWraith.

Don’t forget to check out this section every Saturday if you want to “ooh” and “aah” at some of the most beautiful, daring projects in this cup.  And if you have proposed an OWL, NEWT or OoTP, keep an eye out for these posts, your project may be the one featured.

Also, if you believe your project or that of a fellow house cupper deserves being featured, please suggest it in the comments and we'll go check it out!

Until next time!

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