Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Yule Cat & December Dog Report

TrustCrazyIdeas here with a break month special report...

It’s four days into the December break month and the Cup is being over-taken by
Yule Cats and December Dogs!

You’d have to either be a so allergic to cats and dogs that you can’t even look at pictures or blind if you haven’t seen the gallery of fur we’ve got going. All sizes, breeds, colors and sexes. I dare you not look and die of the cuteness!

Over in the Yule Cat thread we've had some early protections from becoming part of the the Yule Cat's feast.
FriedaLove, tesseractivate and ElizabethsMommy were our early birds, finishing garments to keep the Yule Cat at bay.

In the December Dog thread - We’ve got crafting plans of all types appearing –
From the making of cards to the baking of goodies to the sewing of bags and clothing galore.
We've also had some fiber craft submissions that are making me wish for snow -
here are some Snowmen from HermioneWeasley & Giovannina.

Not to be upstaged by the crafters, the cats or the dogs…
we’ve also had the appearance of Yule Rat.

And did I mention we're only on Day Four?

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