Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yule Cat & December Dog Report – Family Edition

This edition of the Yule Cat & December Dog Report is focused around family. There have been many postings of projects for family members the past few days – here are a few highli
ghts - remember to take a stroll through both the Yule Cat & December Dog threads to see more!
Over with the Yule Cats, House Cuppers have been un-selfishly crafting to protect family members rather than themselves! What a giving bunch –
Here you can see -
Stormmoon’s granny will be protected from the Yule Cat with this Shawl

Cattiekins is keeping Babykins Safe!
kbowman123 created a christmas scarf to protect her mother from the Yule cat.
CarinCoralie made mittens for her daughter to be safe.

stacylovesyarn showed us proof that her Dad will not be eaten by the Yule Cat

However – she raised a good question…

“So, what happens if we don’t have time to make anything for ourselves? Do we get eaten because we made things for everyone else? ::looks worried::”

What are your thoughts? Is she (are we) safe?

In the December Dog thread -
Many gifts are being finished!
Here are a few highlights!
Lyonette finished her oldest WIP – this awesome blanket that her little boy is sitting on.
grafovna Created her own December Dog and her first toy! A gift for her niece.
jen2291 Finished an afghan for her brother the NASCAR fan.
Rounding out our Family edition –
Rromera shared her December Dog project…

check out more cuteness here.

With all that cuteness- I conclude this report - reminding you - The Sorting Hat is open!!!

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