Friday, December 23, 2011

::Special Reporter TCI here to give a final Yule Cat & December Dog Report ::

The past 3 weeks have surely been the perfect time to be an animal person in the Castle!

Over the course of twenty days we had an awesome posting of Cat & Dog offerings.

Hats and socks were finished.

Scarves and sweaters worn for the first time.

Mittens and blankets and toys have all been shared.

Not to mention over two dozen Dogs and over five dozen Cats were shown off by their owners!!!

We even had the cat of the castle – MrsNorristheCat stop by. In addition, our canine and feline friends were also joined by the Yule Rat, a December Bunny or two and even a Festive Guinea Pig. The castle has surely been alive!!!

The last week in Yule Cat history stuck out in my mind as the week of the adult sweaters.

For my last feature, I share with you some awesome projects finished here

- The Yule Cat- Adult Sweater Edition –





The last week of the December Dog posting found us with quite a few Non-Ravelry sanctioned crafts .

Finishing up the December Dogs, I give you the- Non-Ravelry Crafting Edition of projects finished in the last week.

JaimeK finished a beautiful Quilt!

CraftyGryphon created a gorgeous wreath!

StarKnits made some awesome bags and look at the bedding she made for American Girl Doll Beds!!

BlueTofu made some stockings!

Congratulations to all of you who completed a Christmas Gift

or a WIP that’s has been haunting you!

We’ve completed some pretty awesome projects in the past month.

For those of you who did NOT make it in time and got eaten by the Yule Cat…. Can I have your Malabrigo?

With this report – my job here is done and its back to the Dungeons with me. I look forward to seeing all of you in Detention!

But before I leave, may I just say - New Editor-in-Chief AbbyEBee, I sure do like what you’ve done with the place!

Special Reporter TrustCrazyIdeas – signing out.

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