Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mission: Conversations with Commanders, part four

Wednesday, 8:00 hours.

Mission Report:
We are starting to see some missions near finishing.  It is exciting to know of all the work out there done on behalf of the Order.  The owls are beginning to trickle in with even more updates on missions.

This week I found myself in a room with commander alexist.  My interview went as follows:

Name (RavId): alexist
Command: Security Operations
It's often been heard that during the first wizarding war, Dumbledore created a way for Order members to speak to each other via talking patronuses... patroni?  Moving on - what form does your patronus take?
My patronus takes the form of an arctic wolf.

What's your non-order day job?

During Quidditch season you can often find me out on the Pitch with my teammates, The Waiting Werewolves!  I've also been known to do a bit of Curse Breaking, sometimes even on purpose.  Never could resist getting myself into a tight spot.  ;)

Wait, you mean right now?  Oh, a little of this, a little of that.  Hey look!  Is that a Cornish Pixie over there?

What's your hidden talent?

Well if I told you my hidden talents, they wouldn't stay hidden, now would they?

But um...  Did you realize I arrived at this interview an hour ago?  No, you didn't notice?  Fantastic!  Sorry, didn't mean to make you jumpy -- gotta keep the skills sharp.

Here, have a sip of this to calm you down.  It's a really perky batch of Chocolate Mint Wolfs' Ba-  Yeah, that's gonna freak you out even more, isn't it?  OK, next question!

What made you want to take a lead role in the Order?

Remus Lupin was a special mentor of mine.  Where he leads it's impossible not to follow!  And that's the thing with The Order -- you can muster all your desire to fight the good fight, but until someone shows you the way inside...

They needed someone with a strong arm that no one would see coming.  And I started to see some things about myself that others would call a curse could actually be my greatest assets.

What was your first mission you undertook for the Order?

Oh gosh, I started way back when, doing a little reconnaissance. I still do a lot of that today!  I can't disclose any specifics, but Quidditch and Curse Breaking both provide excellent cover for traveling around at a moment's notice.

And if one of my traveling trunks happens to thunk and shake, everyone assumes it's a bludger.

Anything else you want to add?

I have to say, the enthusiasm of The Order's new recruits has been really inspiring!  Dark Magic won't know what hit it!

And with that, I'll let you get going.  I've got to be off too.  No really, I'm heading off -- you won't see a thing from me!

I trust your mission is going smoothly.  I look forward to hearing from more operatives as they begin to finish their missions.

AbbyEBee, signing off.

This message will self-destruct in 10... 9... 8... 7...

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