Friday, October 28, 2011

Is your 50% OWL in?  Are you freaking out about the instability of your BROOM?  Well push those project bags aside and party with Professor Slughorn for a bit because it is Felix Felicis Friday.  For those of you new to this game, the last Friday of each month a completely bizzare question wakes me from a deep sleep.  I post it here and you have until the last Thursday of the next month to answer in the comments. 
Last month I posed the following question:

"You run a wizarding version of Locks of Love, spinning hair into fiber and making gifts for young wizards and witches in need. One day an owl arrives with a parcel full of vela hair. What do you make with the resulting yarn?"

There were a lot of touching answers to this question.  I hope you'll go back to the original post and check out the comments.  This month's winner is.........

Kaypendragon of Hufflepuff

She answered, "Handkerchiefs. Everyone knows that vela hair is the softest thing around and a handkerchief made from vela hair would make sad folks feel better."  Nice answer Kaypendragon.  Send me a little pm in Ravelry with your mailing address and I'll dispatch the prize owl to your door.

Alright, so the Felix Felicis Friday Question for the month of November is thus:

Molly Weasley is a well known artisan with the fiber arts.  Like many crafty witches she has a yarn stash for everyday needs, sweaters, dishcloths, broom cozies and the like.  What is not well known is that she also has a secret stash of luxury fiber yarn that she has charmed to be hidden from view.  Afterall, its tough to explain a skein of deep blue alpaca to your sons who are clad in the most itchy of wool.  What charms would you use to hide or disguise your own secret luxury yarn?

Leave your answer and Ravelry name in the comments by the end of the day Thursday, November 24th and you too might win something mysterious from my world.

Have a great Halloween all.

Editor in charge
Lunatic of the Month October 2011


Lori said...

Aikaterini here.

I would use a simple undetectable extension charm which, in my opinion, is wonderful in its relative simplicity. Simply cast the charm on your knitting basket and safely hide the wonderful luxury yarns at the bottom. No one in my family will go near my knitting bag as it is so if it's out of sight it is safe. I would also use a disillusionment charm so when I was working with the yarn no one would catch me.

Nicole said...

HermioneWeasley says:

I would charm the luxury yarn to look just like the other itchy wool/non-luxury yarn in my stash, and then I would put it in the same place, right on top. After all, nobody ever finds things that are right in front of them. ;) It would continue to look like the rest of my ordinary yarn while I was knitting with it, but boy, would I be able to tell the difference (I would be able to see what it really looked like, and it would definitely feel so much better!)!

Mozartnerd said...

Mozartnerd thinks that...
Firstly, I would have a super amazing awesomesauce safe hidden in my bedroom wall somewhere to hide all my nice yarn (unlocked by retinal scan of course!).
When I knit with the yarn, however, it would be protected by a charm making it look like....really really really nasty acrylic. Really nasty melted acrylic. (From a failed project that I had tried to block and accidentally melted...I then ripped it out so I could reuse the yarn. That's why it's melted.)
Then nobody would want it, and I could knit everything for meeeeeeeeee.....