Monday, October 24, 2011

So the Yule ball dance steps are upon us!
There are so many fantastic dances, I thought I would show you a smattering of them.
What better then to dance  The Chuddley Cannonball then to make a Yule Ball Ball brought to by Cillaspins!

This loveley dyed yarn is part of The Braga Broomfleet Bossanova brought to you by Cindiknits!
Then there is  the  Moose Jaw Meteorites Mashed Potato complements of  Deputy Headmistress GazeboGal!
Another truly awesome dance is The Tarapoto Tree-Skimmers Tango depicted here by Maigret!
Another entry in The Chudley Cannonball, are these eyeballs compliments of Peacock!
Last but not least is another Tarapoto Tree-Skimmers Tango danced by Shaylamyst!

Lots more awesome on the quidditch pitch happening. Great stories to go along with them! I say check them all out. Because I say so!

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