Monday, October 31, 2011

It's the last day of the month! IT is the muggle worlds Halloween!
In honour of that, I went into the Care of Magical Creatures class and I present to you a feast of classes handed in!
For starters, this was spun by AndiSocial!
Another spinning entry would be ChristineA!
Then here are some seasonal pumpkins from cjsquiggle!
Flangel813 dyed these gorgeous skeins!
jrf1977 created a hat for this lovely pooch!
Lunelle is protecting her brain in a festive way!
Malakaii is protecting baby brains! Apparently their brains are quite sweet! They are considered desert brains. My brains not so sweet!
Maigret did this hat in a very zombie like colourway!
NarcissaM brought us this to the Care of Magical Creatures world!
Of course it's not a zombie celebration without a zombie! Thanks pboelte!
More creatures compliments of silverwing26!
SlightlyFoxed's zombie has skein on the brain!

How could we not love Oshelle's zombie hat?
Talk about zombie brains! Sdhsmc86 has created a diversion of sorts for those zombies!
Last but not least is Slothmuffin! Very halloweeny!

So that's it for me for the month of October! Looking forward to a fantastic November. May all your Brooms, OWLS, Quidditch and classes be great successes!

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