Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween House Cuppers!

Happy Halloween Harry Potter House Cup!
Graphic Design Works by Annalovesheep
Friday with Firsty here! Sorry, no "Friday with Firsty" graphic haha... but I just wanted to wish everyone a great Happy Halloween! I actually just finished a project-the Dancing Batty Shawl-a great, and fast Halloween knit! A lot of podcasters are doing Halloween socks, but I just can't knit socks-even trying a new method-maybe it's the yarn? (Not sure..) I'm just not enthused by any socks, not even Socktoberfest helped me a bit, which was frustrating-but oh well. I think I had already posted about the Dancing Batty Shawl, but if not-the photo is above! 

Have a SAFE and Happy Halloween! (Don't trick the trick o'treaters! haha!)
What are your favorite Halloween traditions? I tried looking for Harry Potter themed pumpkins to do this year, but I guess a witch and a broom stick will do, but I'm still looking for patterns! 


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