Tuesday, October 11, 2011

House Cup Happenings!

House Cup Happenings!

Hello everyone! I apologise for not having been around for the last couple of weeks, but my internet has been non-existent to say the least! Even though it is still not brilliant now, a new month means new classes and as such, I wanted to showcase some of my favourite submissions so far this month! I hope you enjoy! Remember, you still have until the 31st of October to get you classes in, and I hope these projects inspire you! :D

For potions, knittingnearsided showed us how to wash 25 men in a tub, at the same time!!

The lovely bandbabe , created the most adorable baby book of monsters for charms and dada! (I have been informed that this was in fact a collaboration! So huge love to isisonearth, jayannell, xamonster, and brineydeep too!) What a beautiful gift for TriGirlJ! I'm sure both she and baby will love it!

terriwells created this gorgeous crochet chocker for Muggle Studies!

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craftygryphon made this fabulously cute little acorn to represent her animagus form for Transfiguration!

For CoMC slightlyFoxed crafted the most adorable zombie I ever did see!

Akasha111182 ‘s most beautiful scarf for Ancient Runes.

And lastly but by no means least, GothKnitty’s wonderful table decoration for Arithmancy!

That's all for this week folks! See you again soon! :D


Kristin said...

Actually, the book you attributed to bandbabe was a collaboration between her, isisonearth, jayannell, xamonster, and brineydeep. We each contributed a square or two to the book and presented it to TriGirlJ as a baby gift.

Ali said...

I have amended the post accordingly! Thanks for letting me know! :D