Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello my lovely cuppers!

The tournament is going swimmingly. The yule ball is over for now and we danced the night away!

Now we are back to the tasks at hand!
I'm going to show you some of the fabulous second tasks that are flying in!
First there is Jen2291 of Hufflepuff. She has handed in this stunning fire task:
 Another fire task is brought to you by another  Hufflepuff, Nanerbasil

Check out that Phoenix!
Next on our jaunt through the task is  Slytherin SidewalkPony with a lovely water task!
Another water project comes from  Isisonearth of Ravenclaw!
Last but not least we have our Earth task!
We have two NQFY's with entries in the task!
First there is theresmiling
And Hreow

This is just a small sampling of the fantastic things coming out of the tournament! You should read the stories connected with these and the others on the thread. I wanted to show so much, but some had multiple pictures that wouldn't do justice with a quick shout out!

Keep the fantastic work going!
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian Cuppers(includng me!)!
See you at the next Yule ball task! Get your dancing shoes ready!

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