Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday with Firsty: First Socktoberfest 2011!

So in honor of Socktoberfest 2011, here is a little entry for it! I've only been knitting for a year, and started in May 2010. I didn't get into socks until after awhile. I think those socks above-the Juliet socks are just tubed socks (k3, p1 all the way to the toe). I forget which yarn I used. Then I started to knit socks non-stop until I got burned out on them (haven't picked up ever since the burn-out until now.) Currently I'm working on this Socktober goals-at least just ONE pair of socks for me-Halloween Cabled Socks!

My Socktober goals:
1.) Finish my Halloween Cabled socks (they're only just orange, and with tiny cables.)
2.) Learn to Magic Loop (hoping this would really bring the magic back into knitting socks!)

What are your plans for Socktoberfest, are you turning in any socks for the House Cup? 

See ya next friday!

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