Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekly Advanced Studies Report

Sorry for my absence last week. My permeant sticking charm here at the blog apparently failed and I was out of town. But I'm back and hopefully everything will work out right today! I have gotten a few more volunteers to be followed, and I'll keep taking volunteers until next Thursday. I could really use some 'Puffs and Snakes! If you're in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, I've got enough! Thanks to everyone that's volunteered so far. Also my NEWTlings that volunteered, be on the look out for a little interview in your message box sometime this weekend!
And now onto my new volunteers!
First up is inkslinger1121 of Ravenclaw! She is doing an Arithmancy OWL of mini stockings! She's proposed to make 30 of these:
It looks like she's off to a good start. I can't wait to see this garland when it's done!

Next we'll take a look at Gryffindor firstie Knittingnearsided. She's proposed a DADA OWL to knit an adorable jumper dress for her grand daughter! I love the yarn she'll be using:

Now up: LidiDi of Slytherin! She'll be doing an arithmancy OWL with mittens!! I made those Bella mittens as a part of my HoM OWL last winter, and it was a great and simple pattern once I got started. Also does the yarn in your Lace Garden mitts sparkle?!
Too cool! And even if it doesn't, I still love the color and how that pattern looks.

Next we have cmelvin of Ravenclaw! She's proposed a Transfiguration OWL that involves steeking!! (I am still too chicken to try this technique out). She's going to use this lovely plum colored yarn:
I know I'll be waiting to see how this lovely sweater turns out!

And last this Thursday morning is another Gryffindor Firstie: Barknknit! She's proposed a Transfiguartion spinning OWL. Her swatch/sample look lovely. I hope my spinning gets to look like this!

Also I promised to keep you updated on my OWL. And I've gotten through the first repeat of the cable chart on the back section! I have a ton of work to do this coming week to stay on track, but hopefully it will be alright.
Sorry for the horrible picture, maybe if I can get a lot done this week I'll have a nicer picture next week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! And remember Hufflepuff and Slytherin I'm still looking for a couple of you to volunteer to be followed. And NEWT students keep an eye on your message box.


LambChop00 said...

Jen - I'm LambChop00 and a Slytherin - you can follow me if you still need more snakes.

Aunttallulah said...

Yours is very pretty! I have been a bit remiss on my DADA OWL, but I am going to get it done!