Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mission: Sweep of the BROOMs

Wednesday, 08:00 hours

Mission Report:

I have found myself in the position of owl receiver for the Order.  While it is a slightly smelly, messy job, I do enjoy the company of birds and have found sorting through the post quite interesting.  One of my jobs as owl receiver is to sort through the incoming BROOMs and make sure they are seen by the appropriate commander.

One BROOM caught my eye as I was sorting.  I trust that sharing this with you will not compromise the safety of this operative.  Perhaps it will help you to decide what to do for your BROOM, should you desire to take on a mission.

The following is the BROOM received from Hogwarts student Gatty Crawford.

It’s a rainy Tuesday afternoon, and the Leaky Cauldron is full to overflowing with damp and grumpy witches and wizards. So Order Commander Seakame barely looks up from her Daily Prophet when Gatty Crawford pulls up a chair to her table, setting down a mug of steaming butterbeer

“Mind sharing? Crowded today!”
“No, please, sit.”
Gatty opens “Ancient Runes Made Easy”, and, with a sigh, starts flipping through an enormous pile of class notes, which slowly expand to cover the entire table. Reaching the end of a chapter, she gathers up the strewn papers, wishes seakame a good evening, and heads out onto Diagon Alley
“Wait!” Seakame calls, “You forgot a page!” But Gatty is already out the door. What a scatterbrain! thinks Seakame, now I suppose I’ll have to chase after her…in the rain, too. And all for some Ancient Runes notes. Except…these aren’t Ancient runes notes…
Dear Commander Seakame,
Gatty Crawford (aka sarahlouise of Hufflepuff), writing to request formal permission to undertake a secret operation, forming allegiances with the goblins of Gringotts bank. In these times, more than ever, we need to build relationships among magical people devoted to justice. It is crucially important, however, that we achieve this without arousing the suspicions of either the radical goblin factions or the supremacist elements in the wizarding community--what good would opening lines of communication do if the only effect was to start a war? I have established contact with Urgan, the elder goblin gemcrafter at Gringotts, who is sympathetic to our cause. He has agreed to aid me in this pursuit, and to provide cover for me as his apprentice in gemwork. In order to make this convincing, I will be crafting a fine rope studded with thousands of tiny periodots, a stone known to be power in alleviating anxiety and forging interpersonal ties.
image title
If all is successful, I hope to see the Minister of Magic present this rope as a gift of friendship to the Goblin Leader, Gobblebeak, by the end of my mission.
P.S. I will craft the rope (3-ply sock) from this BFL roving:
BFL roving
P.P.S. I, of course, await formal permission from the order. I can be found at Hogwarts, in the meantime.

I hope this has served as proper inspiration.  Remember, you have until the 24th of this month (that is three days from now!) to submit a BROOM.  Missions are slotted to take at least 6-8 weeks and may not be started unless approved.  The signal to begin will be given on October 1st.

I must get back to the makeshift owlery of Order headquarters to clean up the... well, the owl "leftovers" as I like to call them.

AbbyEBee, signing off.

This message will self-destruct in 10...9...8...7...

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