Monday, September 12, 2011

MMM Good

That's right folks it's time for another edition of THE COOKING CAULDRON!
This week we're doing it dip style, with everyone's favorite dip wizard author, Gilderoy Lockhart!

"It was a hard decision as to what create for all my fans. So I chose Guacamole!"

2 Ripe avocados - smashed!
1 can of white beans - Smaller the bean the easier it is
Fresh Cilantro -  2 Tablespoons (I like to use more)
1 medium diced tomato - As finely diced as you can
Minced Garlic - 2 Tablespoons or more depending on your mood
Lime Juice - 2 Tablespoons or more depending on your mood!
Salt & pepper to taste

Put all the avocado, beans, garlic and lime juice in a bowl. Mash the heck out of them (good way to get your aggression out!)! Be careful when adding garlic and lime juice, it will taste differently after it has been refrigerated! Salt and Pepper to taste! Mix in the tomato and cilantro. Cover and refrigerate.

Gilderoy on garlic: It is a magical herb, that I can't get enough of! Contrary to what the muggles put out there it makes you more attractive not less. I should know I have been on the cover of Wizarding Weekly!

Gilderoy on beans: Guacamole is a high fat snack, even a wizard such as myself needs to watch what I eat, that's why I've been on the cover of Wizarding Weekly. The beans help cut the fat, add fibre and protein.

I have tried it, it went out to the muggle office and got the seal of approval.

Stay tuned for next weeks entry of  THE  COOKING CAULDRON!

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