Tuesday, September 13, 2011

House Cup Happenings

It's Tuesday which means it's time for another round up of House Cup awesomeness!  As we all wait for the quaffle to fly on the quidditch pitch students in all houses have kept busy whipping up homework to be proud of.

Down in the DADA classroom Scorpi084 worked up this cabled scarf to clue us all into what that nasty piece of work Nagini looks like. 
Tinttara pulled this cardigan out of the Room of Requirement to meet her Charms homework and battle the cool days in Finland.
In Divination PlainSimpleGarak faced her childhood nemesis - knee socks - and yielded these beauties.
Terik battled flesh eating trees in the herbology greenhouses and came out triumphant.
ChellBelle showed us all that Potions can be adorable.  Of course we Snape fans already knew that.

CJSquiggle found her Planner in Care of Magical Creatures by finally finding time to knit something for herself she's wanted for a very long time.
Up in the Astronomy tower Oriocookie conjured up these incredible mitts.
Showing that a holiday isn't a day off for slacking, Lea67000 waltzed into Muggle Studies with this outstanding vest.
Once again I am in awe of the amount of incredible crafting and creative salesmanship that happens in the House Cup.   Keep up the good work my magical friends and Ali will be back next week.

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