Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday with Firsty: First month of HP classes Over!

Friday almost slipped up under me this week to explain why the post is later in the day!  Yes, I'm trying something new, to put a little creative spark into the blog post. September is mostly over, and October begins tomorrow! I already blogged about how I love Fall and October, and fall knitting one Friday. I might change a few things about the graphic, but that's a start so far (okay I forgotten to put HPKCHC! opps!)

Anywho, being the first month of classes are over (already, it's gone so quick!) here's my thoughts of expression of how it went...

MY POTIONS CLASS: I did a cute purple baby hat for potions, since it fit into both options: destashing, and   decreasing! This year I've been mostly doing stashbusting (or well been desiring too..)

MY ASTRONOMY OWL: It's coming very well! I think I made it to the 50% mark? That didn't happen last time, and I'm quite pleased with the progress on it.. and hopes to get it done in the next two months.

Helpful Tips for First Years/NQFY's: Don't be intimated by the OWLS, go ahead and try them! They're fun, even in long term. You can defiantly have more experience with the more coming up with proposals.

How did your first month of classes go, first years? Were you excited of getting sorted? What is the first house you're in? 

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