Monday, October 3, 2011

That's right folks! It's time to cook with the ultimate statesman, Kingsley Shacklebolt. He works hard to help the wizarding world protect muggles and fellow wizards from things that go bump in the night!

Kingsley has travelled far and wide, has tried many exotic foods. But when he goes home, he's a man who likes simplicity!

Take this recipe for a quick, easy and yummy pasta dish!

1 container of Asiago Cheese grated - MMM I love asiago!
1 container of premade Bruschetta topping - Again yummy!
Half a bag of pasta, Kingsley prefers shells or fusili

Boil the pasta, add all the ingredients together and eat either hot or cold!

Kinglsey is a single man with relatively simple tastes.
This is great for company, as they think you've gone out of your way to make something extravagant.

To Kingsley, it's just plain yummy!

Kingsley, you are the man!

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