Friday, September 30, 2011

Felix Felicis Friday

Welcome to almost October and the first Felix Felicis Friday of Fall Term 2011.  I hope you've enjoyed the blog this month as our staff it truly outstanding this term.  Now we pause to celebrate a month almost done and look up from those last minute projects or that wild dance party in the great hall.

The Felix Felicis question for September was thus; "Madame Malkin has retained you to design a fall line of mittens for witches and wizards of distinction. Describe your first pair and what charms would be on them that would help the owner?"

We got an amazing 18 answers ranging from mittens that would change to whatever you wanted them to be, warming charms, and those covered with intarsia wand waving sequences. 

The winner this month is Gryffindor first year Knittingnearsided who said, "Being a witch/wizard distinction for all of my life, I believe my mitten would be black interlaced with gold threads of memories. These memories would be of my mother and when I put my hands in the water, I would be able to look in and see my mom and whatever memories that I had chosen to put in my special distinctive mittens. When I removed my hands from the water, my mittens would become dry and if it was cold out, the mittens would heat up and give me a warm feeling all over to match the memories I experienced. "

Pensive mittens!  Maybe if Professor Snape had had some of these his demeanour would have been less sour.  Congratulations Knititngnearsided, pm me your address in Ravelry and a prize will wing its way to your door.

Now, the Felix Felicis Question for October is as follows.

You run a wizarding version of Locks of Love, spinning hair into fiber and making gifts for young wizards and witches in need.  One day an owl arrives with a parcel full of vela hair.  What do you make with the resulting yarn?

You have until Thursday, October 27th to leave your answer as a comment to this post.

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Anonymous said...

I would knit sweaters that those in need could wear to interviews.

The Vela hair in the sweaters would persuade the interviewers to hire them on the spot with very generous salaries!

cdavis of Gryffindor

Anonymous said...

I would knit a shawl for someone who lost their hair due to cancer. Vela hair is very beautiful and would boost her self-esteem. Also, people would be so busy admiring her new shawl, they would not notice she did not have any hair. Furthermore, when my Aunt had cancer I know she would have loved to have a shawl and her face would have lit- up at the sight of one. I want to bring that same joy to someone else.

technaninja of gryffindor

Jean said...

I would make a bunch of gnomes. Of course I would mail you some for your trolls.


ciproano said...

I would most definitely knit the Veela hair yarn into baby blankets. Veela hair is such a powerful magical substance that it is used as a wand core, and Veela hair given in Love would carry a very powerful magical protection.

Who could be a better recipient of such magical protection than an infant? Can you imagine, if Harry had been wrapped in a Veela hair blanket when Voldy made his first visit, could it have given him extra protection? Or if he'd been wrapped in one before being left on Dursley's doorstep, would it have protected him from their abuse (if not their stupidity)?

ciproano said...

ciproano is PuffyGriffinclaw of Gryffindor.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely knit a hat/headband and give it to a teenager who is struggling with her(or him) self image. Velas are known for their beauty and charm, if someone wear to wear an accessory made from Vela hair, those characteristics could transfer themselves to that person and give their self esteem a great boost!

kina8d of gryffindor

Thependragonseye said...

Handkerchiefs. Everyone knows that vela hair is the softest thing around and a handkerchief made from vela hair would make sad folks feel better.

Kaypendragon of Hufflepuff House