Tuesday, July 5, 2011

House Cup Happenings!

Whew! My dear fellow Cuppers, I don't know if you've ever experienced the American Muggle holiday, "Independence Day", but if you are thinking of trying it -- don't. The fireworks will terrify your pets (especially kneazles -- my gardens will never be the same) and the food they eat! I feel more bloated than that time my brother hit me with an Engorgement Charm.

But I digress -- time for the House Cup Happenings!

Ancient Runes

dixiehellcat created an adorable-as-life Adipose!


Proving once again that the generosity of Cuppers knows no bounds, GothKnitty crocheted a relative a quick fix for a wardrobe emergency.

Care of Magical Creatures

If littlefit has the sonic screwdriver, what happened to the Doctor? Beautiful work!


kreachr wins the speed award for their Shalom, which looks just as smooshy and cuddly as you'd want in a cardigan.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Alrischa's gorgeous handspun begs to be turned into a luxurious piece of wearable art.


JaimeK, a NQFY, stopped traffic with their amazing Spectra!

History of Magic

craftyshanna, your knitted earrings are lovely!

Muggle Studies

Oshelle created bright and beautiful ocular protection!


Kate1138 knitted up a too-cute puppy sweater, in mouth-watering fruit colors!

Congratulations, everyone! Your work is always an inspiration.


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