Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Happy First Tuesday of July Everyone!

Sorry I've been missing the last two weeks, my new job has been crazy busy, but things are starting to calm down and I am back.

With the last Harry Potter movie coming out next week, and all the great stuff going on in the Cup right now I thought I would do a little entry on some of the cool House Cup Unity things going on this month.

First, are you a Gryffinclaw or a Ravendor? Gryffindor and Ravenclaw are teaming up this month to do a little inter-house unity project for DADA. Students in either house can sign up in their respective threads, and they'll be sorted into one of the combined houses. Each secondary house has a separate thread to do some planning, so join in the fun!

Second, Slytherin's HoH has issued a challenge this month to pour some love on Gryffindor. She's offered up a couple of different options for her Snakes to participate. Looks like a fun challenge to me!

I've been searching for something the 'Puffs might be doing this month and have turned up nothing, but all you Hufflepuff's that doesn't mean you can't show some house unity in any way you can think. Also I'm very sorry if I did miss something, being in Gryffindor I only know that the Hufflepuff common room has muffins, perhaps I should come visit more often for something more than the muffins ;) DADA would be an awesome class by picking a DA member from a different house, or make a gift for another House Cup member!

I hope everyone has a wonderful July! And takes part in some of the wonderful house unity going on this month!

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