Friday, July 1, 2011

First Friday of the Month!

Lets start today by wishing all the Canadian cuppers a Happy Canada Day today!
Then we should wish all the American cuppers a Happy Independance Day on Monday.

It's July 1st you know what that means?

The release of our new classes!
There are some great assignments from the professors this month. Its hard to choose which ones to do.

Are you someone who picks patterns then decides to try and make it work with the class?
Do you prefer to wait and then troll your queue when the assignments pick up?
Or maybe you're a hybrid of both showing some flexibility?
Which ever your style is there are plenty of wonderful ideas.

If you need some help with your knitting mojo, maybe the Tesselation team can help. Remember they make suggestions, but using them as your reason for handing in an assignment is not the way to go with a post. So get creative if you need help with the selling.
Ask someone in your house.
If all else fails find me & maybe I can help! I love that part of the assignments!

Anyway it's time for me to fly off to a muggle BBQ!

Have a great weekend filled with love, fun, luaghter, BBQ and most importantly YARN

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