Friday, June 10, 2011

Firstie Friday!

Good Friday all!
I'm Aunttallulah 1st year Slytherin and your ships bartender!

So what's going on in firstie land right now?
Classes, OWLs, classes, Quidditch and did I mention classes?
There is so much to do here in the cup.
One of our intrepid Firsties, KnitInferno, has been working away and already has at least four classes turned in:
This is a fun jewel toned catnip ball handed in for Care of Magical Creatures. I think this could become good friends with said firecrab!

Another fabulous project that is in the works right now comes from PlainSimpleGarak. She is doing an OWL in Arithmancy. Currently she is up to her eyeballs in body parts. She is creating some wonderful Dr Whos in anigarumi:
How fun is that?

NFQY fun!
You may or may not have noticed a whole whack of the NQFY's going on field trips to each of the houses. Some may stay, some come of there own accord, but please, DO NOT TEASE THE NQFY's they will be sorted into your house eventually and we want their love and support

So that's it for now!
Have a great weekend filled with fun, love, joy and most importantly, YARN!

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