Monday, June 13, 2011

House Cup Happenings

Rockinsticks here filling in for TheHeroComplex who was called away on a top secret mission, something about destroying horcruxes.  Anyway, let's see what the hubbub in the classrooms was this week.

The Slytherins really heated up the Divination tower including this lovely cowl by Maigret.

Hufflepuff Angelkittie showed her knowledge of all things muggle and cuddly with this sweet little doll with the Bellatrix locks.  I absolutely love her.
Continuing the Hufflepuff rein of awesome, over in the Herbology greenhouses Oxyravnos crafted these absolutely Lunalicious earrings.

Jen2291 represented for the NQFYs in Transfiguration displaying disdain for muggle fashion she transfigured a t-shirt into yarn into a sweet and cuddly little Nagini of her very own.  I will pm you my address so he can come live with me.

Ravenclaw Bobbilicious paid tribute to a House Cupper who inspires all of us, Ms. GazeboGal with this incredible handspun that lit up the History of Magic classroom with its magic.
LisaMcClure of Ravenclaw had the Care of Magical Creatures professors saying, "Awwww" with these jewel tone baby booties.  Take that pastel blue and pink!

Slytherins at times have, shall we say issues, with resisting temptation.  In Charms this week Oshelle defied the stereotype and resisted the urge to work her usual heal and cast off on these great socks.  Oshelle, I really hope they are for you!

Gryffindor lost Elliefants to the hospital wing this week after repeated Cruciatus hits via twisted rib.  Shudder Madame Pomfrey will be allowing deliveries of chocolate throughout the healing process.

So that is it, eight classes and eight examples of awesome.  Stay tuned for more exciting highlights.

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Greta Huls said...

Well done Jen2291! However, Steampunk Addie warns all and sundry that Nagini is her's!