Thursday, May 12, 2011

The strange, the unusual, and the fantastic

Every Thursday it is my job to scour the class threads and pick out the most eccentric, most creative, or most odd turn ins. Originally it was planned to spotlight one project a week, but this week I just couldn't pick one. It's a three way tie! First up is Gothknitty wither her History of Magic turn in. I had to pick this because of her pictures! Gothknitty managed to get a picture of herself casting a spell wearing a Morgan Le Fey inspired shrug. True to her Slytherin style, it is in black and green.
Second is Seashelly with her Care of Magical Creatures homework. This one falls more in the odd/hilarious category. The name of her project really did it for me: "Throne Room Piggy". The assignment was to craft something to keep your treasure in, and I think we can all agree that while at first glance this isn't something you would normally consider treasure, you sure don't want to lose it or run out!
 Lastly is 01Tangled and her Potions homework. 01Tangled really crafted up a nice story to go along with her...ummm... cootie? In addition to her wonderful storytelling, the cootie is made up of some interesting color combinations. See for yourself!
That's all for this week! Tune in next week for some more fascinating projects.

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