Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In the Press Box!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic start of term and are settling in to your houses!

Whilst I was wandering around near the Quidditch Pitch, waiting for Quaffles to begin I was fortunate to stumble across a small group of first years and thought it might be nice to ask them how they were settling in!

Sat around on squishy beanbags in the Press box at the Pitch, eating oodles of chocolate cake, I had the chance to catch up with tuxtux (TT) , HiddenTohru(HT), Dawntreader7(DT7), LadyRadagast (LR), LaLa (LL) and creamsiclekitty (CSK)!

You’ve now been sorted into your houses! Exciting stuff! How are you all finding it? Have you had a nice welcome?

TT- I’m in Slytherin, and while I’m a bit surprised about being sorted there, I love it - they sure know how to party, and there are many awesome people over in the snake pit. We even have our own potions lab, which is super cool. I had a nice welcome, too - several people I know from the NQFY lounge have been sorted into Slytherin, too, so that helped.

HT-Everyone has been very friendly, although sometimes it feels like the threads move at breakneck speed! But people make an effort to make you feel welcome, even if they have to go back five pages to find your post. ;D

DT7-The welcome I received from my fellow Ravenclaws was unprecedented. My mentors (any anyone else I asked) jumped right in to answer all my questions, and hanging out in the First Year Dorm room has been a blast. And there’s so much to do! Steampunk! Logic Puzzles! Poetry! Chores even! And all done with an organized grace and a sense of fun and camaraderie. I’m only worried that hanging out in the Tower will cut into my knitting time too much. :)

CSK-I’ve had a wonderful welcome from Hufflepuff House- along with an introduction to some of the house traditions. Two of these are an abundance of muffins and other yummy treats (we’re never far from the kitchen!) and the Famous Badger Dance.

Classes are up! Have any caught your eye? Have you completed any already?

LR-I always have the same problem – they ALL catch my eye! I have plans for 6 classes. I’m starting with History of Magic by making my first socks in honor of Dumbledore. I’ve just turned the heel on the first one. We’ll see how many of the remaining 5 plans I get to by the end of the month!

LL-I’m going to try to complete as many of the classes as I can. I tend to knit socks more than anything else so the Ancient Runes class is really interesting to me. I also plan to knit a Rebecca Danger monster as a second birthday present for my niece that I think will fit in nicely for the Care of Magical Creatures class.

We love house unity in the cup! Have you popped over to say hi to any of your classmates in other houses? You know that every house loves visitors!

HT-Not yet, although I must admit I’m very curious about those Slytherins! X3 I’m a fan of hotties, dungeons AND snakes, even if I firmly believe I belong in Gryffindor (ROAR!).

Best place to hide from Filch in the Castle?

LR-If I told you, Filch would be able to find me! I will say that there’s a certain moving staircase on the fourth floor that gets stuck sometimes…frustrating if you’re actually trying to get somewhere, but a great place to lie low if you don’t mind heights!

And what are the most fashionable members of the wizarding world wearing this season?

TT-The dernier cri in footwear, I gather, are Alchemist socks. They combine colorwork with awesomeness flawlessly.
The fashionable witch these days wears Celaeno or Industrial Revolution around her shoulders, and Elin on her hands, which conveniently leave her fingers free for wandwork.

DT7- I love the Steampunk trend that seems to be emerging among the most elite of the wizard fashion world. Venta and Colonnade Shawl are two of my favorite examples.

LL-I think all the fabulous witches and wizards will be wearing Magrathea by Martina Behm this season.

Future Prank Planning! If you could actually go to Hogwarts, what would be the one prank you would like to pull? In honour of the Weasley Twins!

CSK-I’m going to have to say yarnbombing the staircases. Can you imagine what all those staircases would look like with knitted coverings?

Lastly, which qualities do you all think represent the perfect house cupper?

Enjoying themselves!
Willing to help and cheer on their housemates!
Being outgoing- at least half of the cup experience is getting to know your fellow cuppers. Jump into the common room chatter as well as chat!
Willingness to work hard- finishing classes, etc can be a challenge- pace yourself and do what you can!
Being welcoming toward newbies!
Being courageous in their pattern planning!
And being gracious about failure, if they plan too much! ;D
Imagination, passion, and a love of learning!
Adventurous! Try new things, push yourself, and build new skills. The sky’s the limit, if you’re willing to reach for it!
Sociable, or trying to become so. There are friends everywhere you turn in the Cup! Take advantage of the opportunity!
Willingness to help others!
Welcoming to all!
And finally, I think creativity is a great trait for a Cupper. I love reading the stories in turn-in posts! The good news is that the more you practice, the easier it gets to come up with a creative project or story.

We’re going to finish up our cake now! See you next week! :D

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