Friday, May 13, 2011

Fridays with Firsties!

I am aunttallulah first year Slytherin and blogger!

It’s time to answer the important question:

That certainly is a  serious question.
Some of us in first year questioned whether it would be a good idea to do an OWL in the first year. What with regular classes, Quidditch and settling into our new digs, no one wants to over stretch themselves. Some of us are newer crafters. Some want to get used to the pace of the School first. Some planned to do them, some then changed their minds. Some even changed them again!
What to do? What to do?
In fact there is no right or wrong answer.
I was so eager when I made my initial trial proposal, that many of the wise upper class told me I was too ambitious. Thank-you for the advice, I changed it and am much happier now!
There are still some firsties prepping for their proposals, some who are pending and some who have been approved. Here is a sampling of the firsties making a run for the OWLs!

As I troll the OWL proposals I see some of my familiar firstie friends have had their proposals accepted.
First year Hufflepuff Katherine is sitting her Charms OWL this term. She is going to be lacing and beading up a lovely pattern.

Also sitting her DADA OWL is fellow 1st year Hufflepuff, Yarnfreak75 who will be crocheting a huge blanket. Looks like it’s gonna be great!

We’ve got 1st year Slytherin Softnshinny spinning her way to Charms OWL glory!

Then there is 1st year Slytherin jesseknits completing her dream Divination OWL!

Then there’s Catmarie coming to you from Gryffindor tower to Transfigurate 1800 yards of fibre to attain her OWL.

I cannot wait to see what 1st year Ravenclaw Dawntreader7 creates for her History of  Magic OWL. Those mothers of Harry Potter will be well represented!

There are so many to choose from that I could highlight. I’m sorry to not mention them all! I encourage you to check it out and encourage all of the firsties as they attempt their OWL!
So that’s it for me this week! Happy Friday the 13th! Happy Quidditch matches!

May your weekend be filled with love, joy and most importantly Yarn!

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