Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Magical Movie Tuesday!

Woo! I might just get this in on time (at least before Tuesday ends for me). I was knitting away on my sweater tee I'm making myself this month and completely lost track of time, but never fear I am here with some great movies to get you thinking about this month's DADA!

DADA this month is all about Japan, the beach and vacation. Here are a couple movies to get you excited about each one:
Any anime film or series would be great here. I am only just starting to get into Manga, and I know the next step will be into anime, but I'm not there yet! I have always wanted to watch the anime version of Howel's Moving Castle since I loved the book. But any anime would do wonderfully!
Another place to look for Japanese influence, or a small look into Japan in the 1940's are some of the great classic WWII movies. I remember watching Tora! Tora! Tora! in high school thinking it was going to be totally lame (I mean come on, I could totally have learned about WWII from watching Pearl Harbor and gazing at Brad Pitt and Josh Hartnett) but I really loved it.
The Beach
There are tons of movies that involve the beach, so I've got three fun, animated, family friendly movies that are all about the animals that leave near the beach. What you ask? Well Rio, Surf's Up and Madagascar of course. I can't think of anything cuter than hanging out with some crazy talking animals on the beach!

Everyone loves vacation, or at least I think everyone does. Who doesn't like to get away from things for a little bit every once in a while? Stay-cations are also pretty awesome in my book, since that means lots of extra knitting time. There are also tons of movies with vacations as the center.
First off there are all the National Lampoon Vacation movies, my personal favorite being Christmas Vacation.
Another of my favorite vacations movies is RV. 1. Because I love Robin Williams. 2. Because this is totally what would happen if my family took a RV vacation.

That's all I've got time for today, but hopefully if you're still looking for some inspiration for DADA this month, one of these movies will be able to help. And if you've already got something planned, maybe this will help you pick a movie for movie night this week.
I'll see you all here next week (after my job interview!!!) with some space movies to get you excited about the asteroid belt and astronomy!

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