Friday, May 6, 2011

Know what? It’s Freaky firstie Friday!

I am Aunttallulah newly minted 1st year Slytherin and new first year blogger.
You may have seen me around. I look like the mad hatter!

Hold on to you Hippogriffs because every Friday I will be bringing love and joy from all your favourite firsties in the cup.

We do have a lounge, but anyone can stop in and have a mini egg or two.
MINI-EGGS? You ask. Yes mini-eggs.
                 mini eggs
As NQFYs it was very quickly established that I have a predilection for the chocolate with a candy coating that’s only available until Easter and then they’re gone! I love them so much I did a project for History of Magic about them.
But I was not alone in my love of them and they quickly became the official candy of the NFQY lounge and now our firstie lounge.

One thing that has always been true is that we really bonded together.
So as an NFQY, current  1st year Gryffindor and awesome mentor RiverCameron began a unity project to pass on to the next class of NQFYs.

In fact, RiverCameron began organizing a First Year Shawl along! But it has caught on like wild fire and has become an HPKCHC unity shawl along. You can find the details in the Great Hall. It will be great fun and no stress, non-points unless you can fit it into your class event!
Thanks RiverCameron for your awesome organizing of this event!

NQFYs I won’t be ignoring you! We were all in you position once, and we are all here to have fun and support you! So to help you out I am going to talk about you as well. I will  be in and out of your lounge to check on you and write about you here!

 Everyone have an awesome weekend filled with fun, love and most importantly, YARN!

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shoeboots said...

The cadbury eggs are also available at christmastime one, too. They come in red, green and white! I too harbor a deep love of the cadbury egg :)