Friday, May 20, 2011

And now a word from our NQFY's

Good Friday all!
Dragon NFQY
You may have noticed a few less familiar faces lurking around the castle, trying to make heads or tails out of the cup.  They are affectionately known as NQFY’s. They may have missed the deadline, chosen to wait to try a term without the stress of actual points.

I loved my time as a NQFY. I met some great people who are now hanging out in the Firsite lounge.

The current NQFY’s are ably mentored by Boppingbeth, Mushroom, WoolenHorse, momofpeg, RiverCameron and Sarahtheentwife. They have benningsm and fr3ckels as academic advisors! A great bunch of people to help along the way!

If you haven’t dropped in to say Hello! I think you should. To quote Scarlet O’Hara: “I always rely on the kindness of strangers!” and that is something to take to heart!

Some questions were asked of the NQFY’s as a get to know you thing. I will highlight a few here!
From Jen2291:
Favourite crafted item you ever made, and why? I’m not sure I can narrow one down for ‘all-time’ but in general, the one’s that make me smile are my favourites - even if they are silly ones. Right now though it’s the Flower Power Teach Bag I just made for my daughter’s graduation next week. It’s my first project using buckram in the lining and I really like the results.
Favourite HP moment, or character… I swear Emma Watson channelled my 12 year old self! So, I relate to Hermione a lot. My current favourite moment, and one I quote a lot is the DH1 movie scene with Harry when she realizes the sword will destroy horcruxes. She says “Actually, I’m highly logical, which allows me to look past extraneous details and see perceive clearly that which others overlook!” A nice way of saying ‘Know It All’. :)
Crafting type of choice…. I crochet like a wild thing! I pretty much complete a project a day unless it’s really big, and then it will take me two days, maaaaybe three. :oP I tried knitting years ago but my ‘previously broken and never healed right’ fingers make it really difficult for me to work with two needles. One hook does the job nicely! I also do basic beading, sewing, crafty painting… whatever calls to me in the moment.

Meet Puffalo:
Favourite crafted item you ever made, and why? The first sweater I knit with yarn I spun myself. I designed it as I went. The yarn is really dense, so it feels kind of stiff, and it’s warm and lumpy and fuzzy and grey, with cables, and my puppy chewed a hole in the elbow, and I love it. I’m wearing it today.
Favourite HP moment, or character… I read the books out loud, with voices, and my favourite parts to read were Dobby, Umbrage, McGonagal’s insults, and crying Cho Chang. My favourite movie moment, hands down, is in GOF, after the Yule Ball, when Hermione joins the girls crying on the staircase. I came to Harry Potter for the magic and stay for the teen angst.
Crafting type of choice…. I mostly spin, and sometimes I knit, mostly with the yarn I spin. I know how to crochet. I think I’ll be focusing on knitting projects here, so I can beef up my knitting skills. I may spin for my first owl, though. I have grand plans for a yarn called Moldy Old Voldy.

And how could I not mention Kiltman!
Whatever I’m working on that I’m most pleased with is my favourite item. Right now thats a wrap for my gran and pygora goats. Trust me, goats count as a project!

Favourite HP movie moment was when Hermione punched Draco in the nose. Favourite book moment was when Harry saw the Burrow for the first time (I grew up in a Muggle equivalent, a big old creaky farm house with moaning pipes and all that. Except we had a ghost in the attic instead of a ghoul) or when Draco got ferretised.

I’ve been spinning a lot lately, but I knit too. And chase goats.

Chasing goats!Nuff said!

Next week I won’t be blogging as our editor in chief Rockinsticks is taking over! But I will be back the following week with some firstie folly!

This is Aunttallulah wishing a great weekend filled with love, laughter and most importantly YARN!

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