Friday, May 20, 2011

Pitch Side Round Up! Quaffle Match 1!

Ali123, Quidditch Commentator reports.

Firstly let me congratulate each and every one of you who turned out on the pitch for this fantastic and exhilarating match! All four houses put in admirable performances and there were an astounding number of people who participated!

As I’m sure you are now aware, Quaffle Match 1 consisted of the construction of Bookscarves and Golden Snitches.

At the beginning of the match, a sense of excitement and anticipation was to be found in the Quidditch thread, and as Stuartsmom blew the whistle to signal the beginning of the match, one found themselves slightly giddy from it all!

Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor were quick into the fray, with Bookscarves and Snitches appearing every which way you looked!

Ravenclaw had a bit of a slow start, but with an unexpected surge onto the pitch had a succession of goals!

NQFY’s even showed up for the game and took great pride in representing their wannabe houses!

Some of my personal highlights from the game;

Snowqueen73 of Slytherin’s Epic quest to catch her Snitch which had somehow escaped into her workplace!

letsgoblue of Gryffindor’s beautiful ‘Twilight-esque’ capture of her Snitch!

Pamaloo of Hufflepuff’s lovely Bookscarve perched upon a genuine Weasley jumper!

sunsmiles of Ravenclaw, along with many others, Submitted an epic ‘Giant Bookscarf!’

The Official Goal Tally!

Slytherin 102 - 75 Gryffindor

Hufflepuff 88 – 55 Ravenclaw

Thus, making Slytherin and Hufflepuff the winners of their respective match ups! Well done!

As the game drew to a close, I managed to catch Quidditch Coach suenosdemjmi, as she was packing away the balls.

Hi suenosdejmi! Thanks for speaking to us!
Thanks! I always love dropping by the blog! :)

How do you think the first Quaffle Match went?
I think it went fantastic! Everyone seemed to be excited by the event and there were few questions or problems, which always makes things better!

Were there any surprises?

I have to say, I was highly surprised by the amount of students who participated. We had over 300 individual students turn in either a snitch or a bookscarf. I’ve had the fortune of being a part of the Quidditch staff since my second year, and I’m not sure that I’ve seen participation in one single area of Quidditch be that high before. It definitely made myself and the rest of the Quidditch Staff very happy!

Can you give us an insight into behind the scenes? How long do these sort of things take to plan?
Quidditch in general tends to take a while to plan. This particular season took a good part of March and April to shape up, and some parts of it only fell in place at the very last minute. We always try to stay two steps ahead, so next term’s Quidditch planning will probably start sometime in June. I’ve got a few ideas bouncing around already!

That’s awesome! Last Question? It’s a tough one! Draco at Pigfarts or Quirrel and Voldemort reunited? :D
Draco & Pigfarts, no contest. I love everything about the Starkid Potteverse, but Draco is quite possibly my favorite, if I had to choose. So any Pigfarts adventures would be quite entertaining, and worth choosing over a Quirrel/Voldemort reunion, which says a lot really (because, yum, Voldemort!) LOL!

Quaffle Match 2- Illusion Dishclothes and Amigurumi is now in session! As always I will be bringing you pitch side up dates throughout the game! Make sure you come and join in all the fun! :D

Aim High and Fly Fast!


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