Monday, May 23, 2011

House Cup Happenings!

Welcome, everyone! Nothing like the House Cup Happenings to brighten a dreary few weeks. Pour yourself a cup of tea, have a biscuit, and settle in!

Ancient Runes

kataish knitted a gorgeous blue hug for a dear friend who'll be able to feel the love knitted into every stitch.


Alrischa, you're making me rethink my bias against art yarns! I would be honored to knit up something in this celestial bit of loveliness.

Care of Magical Creatures

CherrySprinkle's beautiful handspun baby sweater will protect the tiniest, most precious (no matter how smelly or resistant to sleep!) of treasures.


PorcupineSnuggles has proven that love can be purchased -- in the form of sock yarn, which is then used in a charm to keep that love alive forever!

Defense Against the Dark Arts

katherine,where can I get one of these flowers? I have a powerful urge to throw some fireballs around...


If you can resist the urge to squee and squeeze, then you are a stronger person than I am. I can't resist BlueSocksUK's baby dragon!

History of Magic

carrie-daway, your hat is a lobster. I've got nothing else to say.

Muggle Studies

jen2291 created gift bags that are both beautiful and incredibly useful!


Kentronya perfectly captured the color of a ripe, juicy apple -- can you imagine a sweater in this shade? You'd be wearing the best parts of fall!

Wow! I was feeling like I had lost my crafting mojo...but this post proved me wrong!

Love and scales,

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