Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy New Year House Cuppers! I hope you are all settled in at Hogwarts and your classes are coming along nicely. This is Yakattack Gryffindor 3rd year. I am taking the Ron and Harry approach on homework. I started two days later then I should have, BUT I am knitting a hat to protect myself from a horrible hex... Anteoculatia. If you are not familiar with this hex it grows antlers out of your head. I started thinking about the new term and the new year. I thought that this would be a great place for fellow students and professors to make some new year's resolutions and work together to achieve our goals for the new year! So I was thinking that we can post our Resolutions here and cheer each other on.
Here are mine:
1. Lose some weight... I would like to have a beach body by October (meaning lose around twenty pounds)
2. Drink less Diet Coke. I am going to try to cut back to two Diet Cokes a week. I will try to drink three glasses of water a day.
3. Turn in three class projects a month on top of completing an OWL
-One project will be crocheted/ all projects will be turned in when they are finished, not at the end of the month. So I am going to turn in one project a week. (No more Ron and Harry approach to homework this term)
My Progress so far...
I have worked out for an hour every night since the beginning of the year. I am still at the same weight, so there is not much change but I am hopeful. I did not drink a diet coke today but yesterday I had a huge one. I do not have a crochet project yet, but I will when I finish with the hat. I am so excited for my OWL yarn and pattern to get here. Next week I will have a picture of a finished hat and my new yarn! Tomorrow I am going to try a cucumber flavored water... I will tell you how that works. This is the year that those goals will be reached! We can do this.
OH yeah ROOOAAAR Let's keep the half of the cup we have and get the other half!


Anonymous said...

Nice post. I believe my goals are similar.
- loose 15 lbs. By 11.11.11
- cut back beer consumption up water consumption
- do not buy any new yarn except for OWL projects.

LFSAlden said...

- Do a bang-up job as Deputy, to honor those who have been deputized before me
- Walk
- Write
- Take care of those entrusted to my care (children and mother), without letting that be my self-definition.
- Knit *completely awesome projects*

thanks for this!

Cattiekins said...

hmmmm resolutions

be the awesomest mummy i can be

not stress if things don't get done

knit up my sock yarn stash

knit awesomeness

Maigret said...

well great idea... hmmmmmmm

1. Start changing the way I eat - more vegetables, less sugars - instead of a diet this should also reduce weight gain and hopefully help BMI

2. exercise 3 x a week for at least half an hour - so far this has been 2 x week - seems to be easier in summer but have discovered aquafitness - love!

3. knit from stash - waaaaaaaaay to much stash not getting used

Anonymous said...


1. Lose another 20 pounds by the end of the year.

2. Knit awesomely from my stash

3. Find my happy place.


Anonymous said...

I made a resolution back in November not to buy yarn for six months. So far, so good!

I didn't make any specific ones for the new year, beyond generally trying to keep my life on track and pointed towards either getting a full-time job or getting back into school.

Amy said...

Hmmm Roars-olutions...

- Work on losing ~15 pounds, but more importantly live healthy
- continue to crochet and knit projects I can be proud of
- support and love my family no matter what


snarkypirate said...


Mine are rather vague, but here we go:
-Be healthier (in eating and exercising)
-Knit and read more
-Keep up with my blog
-Expand my social group and be confident as an individual.

oriocookie said...

mine are:

1. Learn to type while nursing (working on this as i type now :D)

2. knit only what i want, no throw away projects

3. finish my OWL this term

4. get healthy

5. continue to try to talk hubby into letting me be a SAHM

FlyKytten said...

My goals?

To walk a half-marathon by the end of the year.

To complete four OWLs (1 for 1st Year, 1 for 2nd Year, and 2 for 3rd Year).

To complete 18 classes per term.

To finish high school requirements.

To visit rellies in CA and FL.

To keep on track with college degree.

To get a job.

Nicole said...

Yay for resolutions! Here are mine:

1) Lose at least 20 pounds.
2) Finish my OWL.
3) Do at least one project for Quidditch.
4) Complete 18 classes.
5) Be a cheerleader to other house cuppers, encouraging them to meet their goals and fulfill their resolutions.


dnatheory said...

I don't normally do resolutions, but I like calling them "goals", so I'll go with that.

1. Knit Big Awesome Things! More shawls, sweaters, things that make people go "Wow!"

2. Spend more time playing with the poor neglected cat

3. Get a paper out of my current project at work, or at least have the shell of one

4. Cut way down on my daily and weekly sugar consumption

5. Continue to meet new and awesome people through Ravelry and the HPKCHC

Anonymous said...

I don't like to set exact resolutions, as that sets me up for failure--or for just meeting the goal and not pushing farther. That said:
-Get finances back in order now that we're both employed again.
-Knit more from stash
-Improve eating habits
-Knit things I (or someone) will love, or use, or both.

Anonymous said...

And that last was me, and I totally forgot to add my name. Sorry!
-Alethea, Ravenclaw.

CommaSplice said...

I'd like to get healthier this year - I've got a RL gym membership as well as membership in the Gryffie Gym. I'd also like to start writing more since I've gotten away from it over the past few years.

The biggest resolution I have, however, is to find a new job that makes me happier and more fulfilled, though a beefed up paycheck would be appreciated as well!

yarnvista said...

- use up at least 23,000 yards of stash yarn.

- learn to spin

- keep the house picked up

Jen said...

Great idea!

1) Lose 20 pounds
2) Knit from stash
3) Finish PhD

I have some other smaller resolutions, but those are my big ones.


Knit-Knot said...

Goals for the coming year!

Lose 15 lbs
Get in better shape
Finish/clear WIPs from my project list
Use more yarn then I buy

LNS said...

My resolutions?
1. Be happy. Do things that make me happy. Eat things that make me happy. Craft things that make me happy. Simple right?
2. Try my best and give it my all. Even if I don't want to at the time.

dami said...

My resolution
- not stress about the small stuff. I have been SO FORTUNATE in my life and I need to remember that more often
- set more realistic goals for myself (and not worry if I don't meet them)
- try to be more tolerant of stupidity

Darlene said...

LNS, may I say I just love your goals? May be stealing them...

My goals for the year are thus:

Lose 30 lbs by 05.22.11

Decrease pop consumption to 7 per week,max. Increase water consumption to 8 glasses a day.

Knit primarily from stash, especially sock yarns. Wait, those don't count as stash. Yay, I can go yarn shopping!

Work my way up to doing 30 minutes of physical activity 6 days a week.

Pay down loans and evil, evil credit cards.


Make more socks. And shawls. And other objects of coolness.

And be the best Challenge Quidditch Coach I can.

Boppingbeth (aka Beth or Elizabeth) said...

Awesome ideas.

My goals are more like focus words: focus, finish, breathe.

Focus on what you are doing right now; do it.
Finish stuff. Put the stuff away when finished so there is room to...

Take a deep breath, relax, be good to yourself and not stress about getting everything done.