Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ask A Ravenclaw

Soprano1, accompanied by her wee tiny owl, Peck, drags a heavy trunk into the Ravenclaw Common Room on her way to the dormitory.  She drops the trunk halfway to the dormitory stairs and spends some time hugging all her friends and welcoming the new First Years.

Ravenclaw Prefect Silverwing26 comes by, pompoms tucked under her arm.  "Oh, wait," she says, dropping the pompoms on the floor.  "I have a note for you."  She rummages in the pockets of her super-stylish skirt and draws out a piece of parchment.  "Here you go."  She starts to walk away, but Soprano1 calls her back.

"You can help me with this one," Soprano1 says.  "Here, have a look."  Silverwing26 takes the parchment and reads aloud:

Dear Soprano1,

What did you do during your Holidays?  Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?  Whatever am I to do about those extra pounds on my hips from all the Treacle Tart I ate at Christmas?

Happy New Term!
Tummy Troubles

"Oh, you're right! I can help!" says Silverwing26, and together they sit down to write:

Dear Troubles,

We had a lovely Holiday.  We spent a good deal of it together eating Treacle Tart and knitting on the couch, so we completely feel your pain.

When we weren't eating, Soprano1 was busy mustering a Penguin Army.  Here they all are, with Peck as their Unit Leader.  EvilMichelle of Slytherin joined in as the Air Force division: she is the only person we know clever enough to install a jet pack on a penguin.  

But eventually the Penguin Army went off to do its bit in the Cuteness Crusade, and then we were back to boredom and eating.  Fortunately Silverwing26 came up with the answer in the last days of the hols: she went to SparkPeople (a free site that helps you track your nutrition and/or fitness) and reinstated the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup SparkTeam, and we're off to a great start with a challenge and lots of friends. Anyone who would like to join us, please come on over!  

Love and hugs,
Soprano1 and Silverwing26

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