Friday, January 7, 2011

Weasley Worthy Friday

Having always been one to rely on humor to get through many a situation I really love the fact that the House Cup is so full of people who make each other laugh.  Here I present some of this week's comedy highlights:

Over in the Transfiguration classroom Slytherin Jinxsa was quoted as saying, "Unrelated note, Eeyore is voiced by the same actor who does Optimus Prime from the Transformers.  I can no longer hear one without hearing the other. "

Who knew?  Yet another reason to avoid Transformers (at least for me).

Also in the Transfiguration classroom was this delightful homework presentation by Slightlyfoxed of Ravenclaw:

::produces a little figure from pocket::
::whispering voice of another student from behind me, "That can't count!  That's from a movie!"::
::Raising my finger in a point-of-order manner::  Professors, last summer I read a charming book called The Strange Case of Origami Yoda  by Tom Angleberger.  It's kind of like Diary of a Wimpy Kid without being so Whiny.  Essentially, this weird kid in junior high makes an origami Yoda that everyone asks advice of in some way.  the book includes how to make an origami Yoda.  But since origami is not my milieu, I chose to create the finger puppet in yarn.  I actually bought this pattern as soon as I finished the book, but I haven't gotten around to making it until now.  (Incidentally, it took around 20 yards to make.)
::Another student grumps, "That still doesn't count, does it?"
I turn around, "Why don't you ask Almost-Origami Yoda?"::

To the Bookmobile!

The potions classroom was struck silent this week by the lovely Vox8 of Slytherin when she quite possibly made invigorating draught a controlled substance.

There are so many things in life that are invigorating, the suggestions made were inspiring. I thought long and hard about what I should make and I realized that there is something in my Husband’s life that could use some cozying. He has a prescription medication that … invigorates … in a truly exceptional way. While we currently keep it in the bathroom with the other medications, it would be more appropriately kept in the bedroom - where it would be close at hand when needed.

But as many of you with small children know, you cannot leave medication lying about for fear of their grubby little mitts wandering where they do not belong. So I felt a cozy for this medicine would help avoid arousing suspicion with regards to this particular invigorating potion.
The small blue diamond is a subtle hint, reflecting the color and shape of the medication in question. Should you desire more information please feel free to contact me - for I feel any further elaboration might be inappropriate in mixed company.

Now while typically being stalked is no laughing matter I believe the type going on in the Charms classroom has yielded a couple of giggles.  First this comment by Gryffindor DragonCelt who clearly has the same privacy priorities as I do, "I'm being stalked! ::eyebrow waggle:: Don't be peeking at my panties or rifling through my stash now."

And Tzippi, first year Ravenclaw gives us this uproarious peek at GothKnitty's projects:

I was so excited about starting at Hogwarts, I wanted to be prepared to meet all my new classmates, and to make friends in all the houses. I … um … sort of … well, we’ll call it doing my homework. I “did my homework” and found out about GothKnitty, a Slytherin First Year who is interested in lots of Muggle topics I also find fascinating! I found GothKnitty’s Dalek Face Washer, and couldn’t resist the urge to

… … um. Yes. Sorry about that.

HA! you know like EXTERMINATE, but more threatening to blackheads....  Okay then, onward to the Hufflepuffs.  I've always liked Hufflepuffs.  I guess as a Slytherin I have great respect for a group that is perceived as sweet and fluffy on the outside, but is represented by an animal that, yes is all cute and fluffy looking, but quite vicious in reality - quite Slytherin that. 

Out in the Herbology greenhouses Hufflepuff, Sandybeach turned in this bit of homework comedy:

What fun! Fungi! Fun Guy! My brother is a fun guy. If I had a beard, I could be my brother. I could wear plaid and sing the Lumberjack song. I could add beads to my beard and sails the seven seas (are there really seven seas?) where I could plunder with Captain Jack or Dread Pirate Roberts. Boy, I sure could have fun with a beard.

And in History of Magic  Hufflepuff Curiouskate made me do a doubletake of just which class I was in with this homework post.

Curiouskate from Hufflepuff with her interpretation of Boobies. No, not the mammaries, the birds, sillies!

Finally I have to say that Fuddles deserves some sort of Hufflepuff award of excellence for this bit of comedy:

I hope you've enjoyed this edition of Weasley Worthy.  To quote the great Porky Pig (who my Troll calls Portkey Pig), "That's All Folks!"

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