Monday, January 3, 2011

House Cup Happenings!

Hi everyone! I'm theherocomplex, your Slytherin blogger for this term! This is my third term in the House Cup and I'm really excited to see what everyone is crafting this term!

I can't believe that people have already turned in finished projects! In Transfiguration, bcts1022 made an adorable stuffed pig inspired by Charlotte's Web:

I nearly spit out my tea when I saw KnitWit685's DADA homework:

For Charms, happytempest used the trace on adevinelife and knitted a gorgeous Wurm!

In History of Magic, Gazebo Gal knitted a wee pair of socks for House Unity -- though they might only fit a pixie!

Herbology is a hotbed of fun-guy (heh) projects already! The mushrooms have already spread to eviebits' family.

Mushroom's mask for Divination is nothing short of a total hoot (I really need to stop with these jokes!):

shagma came up with a novel protection from Wrackspurts in Potions:

And finally, aschneidster's adorable hat will keep her warm on many moonlit flying adventures -- in a pinch, we can use the bright color to find her in the fog!

Whew! You guys are already blowing away my expectations for this term. Next week, I'll start checking in on the OWL and NEWT proposals. I'll have to charm my chair so I don't fall out of it!

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