Friday, December 31, 2010

Coming Attractions

And now for your New Year's Eve Waiting For Classes enjoyment we present the Winter 2011 Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup Blog Coming Attractions.

The editorial staff here at the Blog have been busy sharpening our quills and refreshing our bottles of giant squid ink and have come up with what we think will be a terrific term full of entertaining and informative posts.  Let's meet our bloggers now.

With NeedlesnSwiffers having graciously accepted the position of Headmistress her House Cup Happenings will be written by Theherocomplex.  Tune in on Mondays to see what homework has been turned in over the week and be inspired and awed by your fellow crafty Hogwartians.

Tuesdays the wildly popular Ask a Ravenclaw segment will continue to be compiled by our own Dear Abby - Soprano1.  Got a crafting conundrum?  Who better to ask than one of our lovely tower dwellers.

Speaking of towers, Yakattack will be bursting out of the portrait hole every Wednesday to surprise us with some personal challenges and new ideas.

Thursdays will be dominated by the amazing Thealexklein from Hufflepuff.  If you followed our humble publication last term you know that this hardworking second year badger crafts and cooks beautifully. 

Fridays will be a split feature.   There will be at least two Fridays with Firsties featuring our soon to be announced first year bloggers.  Rockinsticks will be using the other Friday to post Weasley Worthy dedicated to those forum postings deemed exceptionally funny. 

The last Friday of the month has been declared Felix Felicis Friday when a prize will be awarded to a lucky commenter, based on the Felix Felicis Question of the Month. 

Finally, the weekends will bring us the surprise musings of the amazing Hale.

We will also be doing special feature posts on big Quidditch Events and other amazing things that always come up during the term.

So we hope you will tune in everyday and find a little fun and house unity here on the blog.

Annnnd this month's Felix Felicis Question of the Month is:  Which character from Harry Potter most resembles your yarn stash?  Is it soft, and warm like Molly?  Severerly organized and controlled like Severus?  You have until January 27th to leave your answer in the comments.

So Happy New Year everyone and now I must go hit refresh repeatedly until the classes are posted.  Squeee.


MayaMoonie said...

Ooh, exciting! I can't wait to read what's coming. As a first year total newbie, I can't even begin to wrap my head around everything yet, but I'll get there :)
Now, Felix Felici's question is awfully private, isn't it? Do I really have to tell what my private dungeon looks like? I'll keep the details to myself, but I will say this: Ron Weasley would feel quite at home in the befuddled, cramped and crowded mix of yarns.

Anonymous said...

this is going to ROCK!! (;

SarahTheEntwife said...

I would say that mine most resembles Luna Lovegood. Colorful, eclectic, and unashamed of itself, it is a vast assembly of spinning fiber, handspun yarn, thrift store yarn, random vintage acrylic, and deconstructed sweaters, with a few "normal" yarn purchases thrown in there for variety.

CommaSplice said...

My stash most resembles Hermione. It's fairly organized, though I like to go through and reorganize from time to time, just for fun. Also, nearly everything I have, I got with some project in mind, even if I don't have the skill to complete that project just yet. But I do have a few things just because they were pretty and I couldn't resist. So organized, courageous, but with hidden glimpses of fun and beauty ... that says Hermione to me!

Anonymous said...

Mine is definitely a stash like Draco Malfoy. Most of it is passed down from older knitters, it is protected well from intruders, and each piece of fiber is in its particular place.

johnandmichelle said...

I would have to say my stash resembles Ginny Weasley. Powerfully understated, patient, loyal and unpretentious.
I'm so excited to start this term as a NWFY! Bring on the fun!

Cel'eena Cree said...

I have to agree with SarahTheEntwife. My stash is definitely Luna-worthy. A million different colours - although admittedly slighty more on the purple side. Eclectic, mad, messy, tangled, unorganised. And totally okay with being that way.

bijou3owl said...

Most defiantly Dobby. It's almost all sock yarn. Wild and crazy sock yarn that will yield many an odd sock pair.

YoungKnitter said...

Can't wait to see how the term progresses!

My stash would definitely be Xenophilius Lovegood. Messy and eclectic, and something that everyone else deems a bit mad, but yields spectacular (and often quite mad) results. :-)

YoungKnitter's blog

jonboy1987 said...

looks like an exciting term is brewing. lots of fun to be had.

so felix wants a peek inside my stash huh? i'd have to say its a bit like dobby. kind of small and theres quite a bit of sock yarn. a good 50% of it is gifted and the rest isnt very expensive. not that a house elf would care i think. anything they can get is good.

my fondest regards,

Joannie said...

JMN of Hufflepuff - I think my stash is like Tonks. Sometimes it's flashy and bright, other times more sedate. I rotate it around so that there's always something different showing.

Jana said...

Love it! In answer to the question, Molly Weasley resembles my stash: large, cheerful, comfortable, many bright colors can be LOUD as necessary but overall full of clean nice smelling fuzzy love.- puggerhugger NQFY

JP said...

I'm going say my current stash resembles Ron because it is largely leftovers from other frogged projects or rescued from thrift stores. As the youngest son, I imagine Ron had lots of hand-me-downs (Scabbers) and the let's make do items (original dress robes).

There is the occasional new special purpose yarn (like when he got a new wand) or gifted yarn (like when Harry made sure Ron had new dress robes.

I don't know what will become of all the yarn, but I know most of it will wind up as charity items or gifts, which is very Ron like for helping others.

Danielle said...

Hmmmm... This term is going to ROCK!! I most definitely look forward to TheAlexKlein's posts!! (Food, good! Knitting, better!)

My stash resembles... Xenophilius Lovegood. It is colorful, eclectic and definitely has a charm of its own. I believe it has gone quite mad here recently.

I can't wait to see what we come up with this term!

Happy Knitting!!

01Tangled said...

My stash, up until recently, most resembled Molly Weasley, at least as far as its organization, which is to say very little at all.

Now though, my stash has gotten a makeover, or at least is stored better so that I can see everything. It's a little more like Hermione now, organized to perfection (until I take a skein out).

But the yarn itself included in my stash still models itself after dear ol' Molly: soft, squishy, fuzzy, and all-encompassing. :D

Alethea, Ravenclaw said...

I'm not sure I can defend this with logic, but my immediate thought was:

My yarn stash is most like Mad-Eye Moody.

I'm actually really not sure I want to dig any further into that thought..

isisonearth said...

Definitely Luna. I'm attracted to interesting colors, variegated things and above all mohair.

My stash is fairly small but there are some real stand outs like a big skein of seafoam angora with a shimmery strand in it. I names it LuLu actually.

Tricia said...

My stash? It's like Hagrid - large. Larger, perhaps, than it needs to be.