Monday, January 17, 2011

House Cup Happenings, Week Three!

Week Three is upon us! And to celebrate, before I get started on the past week's happenings, here's a bonus Neville Longbottom picture!

Holy nifflers! That's definitely Bellatrix behind him (and he's wearing quite the stylish cardigan, isn't he?) -- so this must be the Battle of Hogwarts! I can't wait for the last movie to come out.

Anyways, on to the classes!


sandandsky knit a lovely Swallowtail Shawl, which has been claimed by an equally lovely kitty.

rhaley crocheted a great tunic for a very cold friend (lucky friend!).

Judging by her gorgeous colorwork, we can expect great things from Ehyde!

History of Magic

FearlessLeader made a beautiful Breiwick to represent unity!

StarKnits continued the tradition of totally gorgeous dyejobs:

AvatarOfSweetness, these hats (and their models!) are so adorable that I, a proud Slytherin, will cooperate with Gryffindor for their sakes.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

kerryespins's lovely felted slippers would be perfect protection against any number of foot-oriented hexes.

nwheatley demonstrated excellent use of cross-fandoming to protect her loved one's ears!

lettuceleaf has a talent for colorwork and spellwork!


slightlyfoxed gave us another excellent example of the benefits of cross-fandoming!

Hufflepuff pride is the name of the game for luminea!

trainergirl15, I saw and I SQUEED.


JeffNet's lovely Tudor cap would have made Henry VIII an even more "fun guy" if he'd had the chance to wear it!

Oceananna featured some beautiful spell- (and bead-) work in her knitted bag!

paulinaknits matched her project to her food, and now I want to possess both her meal and her FO!


Timeless1, all I have to say is HOLY SHEEP.

abycat knitted these genius fruit cozies:

DevonC made some lovely jewelry, with beads the focal point of this project, rather than just an accent!


rockinsticks' Invigorating Draught would give a boost to the undead! So let's keep it away from them, shall we?

yorkieslave made gorgeous Firestar yarn -- Fawkes himself could wear this proudly!

fluffybaka's elephants will bring a lot of joy to their recipient -- and to anyone who sees them! Now I want a pair.


GothKnitty appealed to my enormous nerdyness with her crocheted blanket, inspired by The City Of Gold And Lead.

MKissa, your yarn is beautiful, and so is Eric Northman. Now I'll be thinking about his boxers all night.

happytempest's shawl is like a puddle of sunshine. Lovely!


Congratulations on finishing your dad's sweater, LNS!

cysiphist has avoided Umbridge's clutches -- hurrah!

Jayannell, your lacework is stunning!

Whew! I think I may have overloaded you guys this week, but I couldn't resist! Enjoy these projects, and keep up the amazing work on yours!

Love and scales,

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Kristin said...

I made the house cup happenings! I'm so proud!