Friday, January 14, 2011

Fridays with Firsties!

Good morning, fellow House Cuppers! I'm HermioneWeasley, and I'm one of the First Year Bloggers who will be bringing you Fridays with Firsties. Our other First Year Blogger is knidancer, who will be writing next week. We're here to give you our insights about what it's like to be a First Year in the House Cup.

As for me, not only am I a First Year, but I'm a brand spanking new knitter as well, as in just-started-knitting-in-November new. Because of this, it was originally my intention to complete just one project a month for quite some time. Now, though... Well, the excitement of the Sorting Ceremony, and the excitement of the House Cup in general, and the encouragement, friendliness, and excitement (Yeah, there's a lot of this "excitement" going around!) of my fellow Gryffies (and other House Cuppers!) is really, really infectious, so now I've already turned in my homework for Transfiguration (which is also for this month's Gryffindor Dueling Club), almost finished my homework for Potions, figured out what to make for homework for 4 other classes, gotten approval for my CoMC OWL, and am most definitely on my way to St. Mungo's. I'm absolutely loving every minute of it though! :) Picture of my very first ever homework assignment (It's small, but I'm super proud!):

I've gotta say, the House Cup has definitely increased my motivation to learn how to knit, and it's definitely facilitating the learning process. It's great to know that I have nearly infinite amounts of encouragement, advice, and enthusiasm right here at Hogwarts, and that I can be a source of all of this for the other students. I also really love all the House Unity that is always being demonstrated, and the fact that our Quidditch projects are all made for charity. There's so much to love about the House Cup that it would be impossible to list it all here. I really encourage anyone out there who is holding back because they are just learning how to knit to just jump right in anyway! That's what I did, and I've already learned so much, and I've made such great friends in the process! You won't regret it, I promise! :)


LFSAlden said...

This is what we like to hear! Wonderful to hear your perspective as you begin this new adventure with us, thanks for writing :)


Anonymous said...

Oh to be a new knitter again!!!
All the joys of discovery- your first time working with new needles, visiting your first LYS to fondle the yarn you've only read about for the first time, dropping a stitch and learning how to pick it back up, the shear excitement of creating something with 2 pointy sticks, some fiber and your hands.

I wish you much adventure in your knitting! The best part is - There is always something new to try, someplace new to sho, new groups to knit with and new yarns to fondle! The discovery doesn't really even end!

Thanks for sharing your new adventures with us! - TrustCrazyIdeas - aka Jillian