Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ask A Ravenclaw

An exhausted Peck enters the Ravenclaw Common Room through the little Owl-Shaped window way up at the tippy-top.  He shakes heavy snow and ice off his feathers and flies down to Soprano1's lap.

::I brought ee letter::
::Has good question::
::Tired. Sleep now::

Peck snuggles down into the hair on Soprano1's right shoulder as she takes out the parchment and reads:

Dear Soprano1,

I have heard that an infestation of Gernumbli Gardensi (also known as the common British Garden Gnome) can lead to health, happiness, and great joy.  Can you explain this?

Love and hugs,

Dear Gnomeless,

For the answer to your wonderful question, I turn to the lovely and talented KnitWit685, who has graced Ravenclaw Tower with an entire Gnome colony.  Here is her answer:

I would love to answer your gnome questions. When I joined Ravelry I was amazed to find that there is a group for every possible interest a person might have. So one day I decided to show my DH how amazing Ravelry is. My conversation with him went something like this:

me: Say you like gnomes - I bet there is a group for that.
dh: Really? Show me. 
me: Sure! looks for gnome group and finds one … joins gnomemakers group
From there I participated in a few gnome swaps and fell in love with the little guys. I tried out several gnome patterns but I always come back to my all time favorite which is the Alan Dart yuletide gnome pattern.
Gnomes have brought a lot of joy into my life! While I was in a gnome swap I met my best friend on Ravelry aerieiris - aerieiris is the person who told me about the HPKCHC - so that is my story of gnomes and how it brought me to all of you ♥
So there you have it, Gnomeless!  Gnomes bring love and light to all...  check out Sgnome White and the Seven Gnomes!


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