Monday, December 27, 2010

Those of you who decided not to go home and sleep in a cupboard under the stairs this holiday season have undoubtedly seen the strategists of Hogwarts deeply engaged in the Holiday Wizard's Chess Tournament.    We bring you now some highlights from the great hall.

ScarletFever and Wildlily made bold first moves with a rook and pawn moving out onto the board.


Our groundskeeper Fosterson joined in the fun showing his arithmancitical dominance by changing two into eight delightful mini socks stuffed with candy.
In a bold move befitting of her current Ravatar, Hypercycloid put forth a pawn for seaming and knight for matchmaking.

Rromera stunned the crowd with this bold move by her king wildly slaying this doubleknit beauty.

Mma in one sneaky photo and many many hours threw down both knights and a rook.
Also from the office of multitasking came a pawn, knight and queen from Volkat

And finally Briezee pulls in the cuteness award (not an actual award) for this adorable (even to a Slytherin) Brompton Badger with accessory pack.
That wraps up this edition of Wizard's Chess Highlights.  Tune into the actual thread to see many many more delightful and amazing feats of WIP whipping.

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