Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Almost a Welcome Feast

There is exciting news in the Great Hall.  The Board of Governors has installed Needlesnswiffers as Head Mistress.  Congratulations Needlesnswiffers we look forward to your oversight of the crafting craziness that is the House Cup.

This exciting move has changed the face of the leadership with Gazebogal taking the reins as Deputy Headmistress.  So watch out for that fox of hers it will surely be all over the castle spreading fluffy white joy to anyone who will stop for an ear scratch.

What will this do to Quidditch?  Funny you should ask.  Head Coach-stresses will now be the lovely and talented Suenosdejmi and Stuartsmom proving that indeed the crafting Hogwarts allows a Slytherin and Gryffindor to play nice together.  On backup broom will be Sleep2dreamer and Kikipotamus (who has one of the most outstanding Ravatars in the cup "What did you do Ray?").
New faces galore have joined the Staff Table as well.  While the house elves are frantically trying to learn their dinner preferences lets take a look at the amazing talent of our new staff members:
LNS - Transfiguration Professor

Mushroom - Herbology Professor

Drusillawormwood - Herbology Professor

Knitknot - DADA Professor

Stacylovesyarn - DADA Professor

Yarnvista - DADA Professor

TheWindWraith - Rotation 2 - Professor

Nightrae - Rotation 2 Professor

Frimptes - Rotation 1 Professor

Linuxchic - Rotation 1 Professor

Carrie-daway - Rotation 1 Professor

Peanutzmom - OWL Assistant

Lavenderblueskies - OWL Assistant

Slmoses - OWL Assistant

BadAmy - OWL Examiner
Are you now intimidated to turn in your own humble work?  I know I am, but having encountered most of them about the castle there isn't a better group of crafters, so first years - fear not.
Speaking of first years (and everyone else) the sorting ceremony is underway.  The hat has been dusted and the line up has begun.  You have until  December 26th to fill out THIS form if you will be returning to the House Cup in January.

First years and NQFYs- you will find another new face on staff that of the Welcome Witch Volkat who will be meeting you in the entry hall to direct you to your house after the sorting.

If you find yourself confused and in need of further help after the disapparation of the Welcome Witch please see DevonC and TheKnittedJuggler who are serving some sort of community service probation as NQFY and 1st year mentors.  They have vast knowledge of the castle, faculty and general dos and don'ts.

Finally, if you find yourself in need of medical attention we welcome the new School Nurse Bobbingbeth who will be assisted by Mommyknitz.

Well the conclusion of this post brings about 15 days for sorting of stash and queueing of patterns in preparation for the start of Winter Quarter.  Happy Holidays everyone and continue to tune into the blog - we're planning all kinds of things.


nightrae said...

I'm definitely intimidated by my own work! It's a good thing that was an OWL or I'd be freaking out.

Or plotting some ridiculous projects for next term.


Steph said...

Thank you - this is great!


LFSAlden said...

Thank you, RockinSticks :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome! And welcome to everyone old and new!


Tricia said...

Welcome, new staff members! I really enjoyed seeing your work.

J-Mi said...

Congrats everyone on your new staff roles! :)

Onica said...

This is probably the awesomest post. I love, love, lovety, love it!

yarnvista said...

You know what? Our staff rocks!!!!!