Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boo-yah Tuesday!

Boo-yah is the word of this post, as many things have been accomplished, both in the Cup and in the real world, since we last spoke.

First, I finished my cardigan:

as well as a skein of fingering to DK weight (depending how thick it got) yak, silk, wool blend from AVFKW's Essential Luxury Club:
This was originally destined to become an Abby, but after further deliberation (and the fact that some spots were too thick for the gauge of the pattern), I've decided instead to make it into Kink. More to come on that front.

Both the cardigan and spinning were turned into Detention.

I turned in a pocketed scarf to Herbology that I designed myself, and you can read about over here:

And right now I'm working on a mystery sock (only two clues released so far, and as you can see, I'm done with the first clue on both and the second clue on one) for Care of Magical Creatures:

As well as a sweater vest for Defense Against the Dark Arts:

Also, my OWL got approved, and the pattern page is over here if you so choose to check it out.

As you can see, things have really been rolling along, so I give you a big BOO-YAH on this wonderful Tuesday!

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