Monday, November 8, 2010


Good morning House Cuppers.  It's been a weekend of wildlife out on the Quidditch Pitch where the House of Gryffindor has put on a nice showing for their House Pride Exhibition.  The Exhibition continues until the end of today, but thus far many outstanding cheers and projects have echoed across the stands.

The cheering thus far has been outstanding.  Loosingcount posted photos of my dad and his best friend driving around.  Joking, my dad was cool back then, but not this cool.

Intimidation was brought in the form of this awesome cheer from Yakattack.  Run Draco, run Blaise!

Speaking of Draco apparently he is more Gryffindor than we thought as proved by Fuzziekit.

After the cheerleaders warmed up the crowd the team took to the sky over the pitch.  Early scores by AmyPC with her Little Ditty Bag and Dovely with her Gryffindor Chuck made the crowd go wild.

The pitch was awed with the flying stylings of Kelbel with her hat and Mauri with a delightful pair of lion mittens.

The House Unity Award (not an actual award) goes to Garagebutterfly for her outstanding ensemble of which the self designed hat is her Exhibition project.
I know this little snake will be stalking her project pages for that sweater pattern - Go Slytherin! Oh, sorry, I was warned about that. 
So quit reading the blog (today only please) and head over to the pitch to see even more fabulous cheers and outstanding projects.  And remember only 7 more days to complete your own red carpet look for the premiere of Deathly Hallows. 
This is Rockinsticks signing off and saying sssssss-roar-soar-huzzah!

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