Thursday, November 11, 2010

House Cup Happenings November 10

Hi there, Deputy Headmistress Needlesnswiffers here sliding in a little late with the November 10 edition of House Cup Happenings! I know it's the 11th, but what can I say... like many of you I suspect, I've chained myself to my OWL in the race to finish before the end of term on November 30. At the moment, I'm dealing with the sleeves that go on and on yet never seem to get longer. I'm assured by the internet crafting wise ones that at some point the sleeves will suddenly be magically done. One can only hope.


A little over 14 inches.... only eleventy billion more inches to go!

So what's been going on lately? In Quidditch, Gryffindor's House Pride Exhibition was last weekend and you can see it starting here.

Over in Care of Magical Creatures, Professor DevonC has practically issued a challenge to make a sock from spaghetti. Having tried to knit with spaghetti once, I can confirm that this is harder than it seems...

Also in Care of Magical Creatures, Happychica2, kelbel, and nwfairy ponder the collective noun for Yeti. Family, pod, gaggle, herd, flock, murder, colony, drove, troupe, and gang have all been put forth, as has the possibility that like sheep, Yeti is both singular and plural. What do you think?

In Transfiguration, NQFY Paulinaknits whipped up this very cute llama sweater. It gets better though, because when I asked how to pronounce Llambardo the Llama's name she replied:

My daughter, who named Llambardo, pronounces it like “Lombardo”. He must be from Italy (Lombardy), as he keeps asking me (through Kate) to make him pasta for supper.

In an effort to fulfill the Headmistress Challenge, Gryffindor Mauri built a mini-shrine in her bathroom.

In Potions, Gryffindor Kelbel brewed up an Elixir to Induce Euphoria (it's the blue one on the bottom right) to top off a cauldron of hats made this year and donated to charity. Wow!

In Transfiguration, Slytherin Rockinsticks (also a member of our mighty blog team) was the subject of a scathing letter from Severus Snape, Potions Master Emeritus here at Hogwarts. It seems that she was attempting to Vanish his frock coat and shrunk it well beyond a useful size.

Professor Snape, as Deputy Headmistress I assure you that Rockinsticks will be dealt with swiftly and certainly not congratulated on fueling the fantasies of many of our students and faculty. Ahem.

Advanced Studies Mistress Fricknfrack wishes to remind everyone that voting is currently being held for N.E.W.T. badges here. Remember to use the educational button this time for voting, and we are asked to only vote for one!

Well folks, I'm back to the sleeves on that OWL sweater of mine, so if you like this feature and want to help me keep it going, please alert me, Needlesnswiffers, by earburn or PM to anything funny, interesting, or just plain super cool going on in the House Cup! Cable on... I mean, carry on!

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Devon said...

Those projects are TOO COOL!! Especially the llama sweater!!

And I would LOVE to see someone make socks out of spaghetti. Just sayin'.... ;)