Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ask A Ravenclaw

Hello, folks, I am Soprano1, your friendly Ravenclaw Reporter, here to bring you a brand new feature: Ask a Ravenclaw.  There is simply no better way to get an answer to a troubling question than by asking a Ravenclaw, and I have access to Ravenclaws with answers!  You may PM me your questions to future questions, but for this week's column, I bring you this anonymous inquiry.

Dear Soprano1,

Now that it is fall, my bus stop is terribly cold in the mornings!  How do I keep it warm?

Shivering in Chicago


Dear Shivering,

To answer your question, I turned to Jayannell, a Wisconsin Ravenclaw whose friends faced just this problem.  Jayannell told me about a group of witches and wizards (calling themselves 'knitters' to mislead the Muggles) in Madison whose bus stop was chilly.

The answer, simply: Knit a Bus Stop Cozy.

Jayannell says, "One of my knitting friends, Ann, works as a manager at Madison Metro (the bus company) and got to be the person to give the go-ahead for the bus shelter project. That just delighted her, and then she got a bunch of people to knit at work for the shelter. She works with some guys she described as 'old-time Teamsters' who thought the concept was completely kooky. But when Ann took one of them to see the installation, he was so excited that he called his wife to come downtown to see it right then.

"I hear that the bus drivers have been driving really slowly past this shelter because people want to take pictures."

The AV Club website wrote this lovely article to explain the phenomenon.

So, there you have it, Shivering.  If your bus stop is cold, knit a cozy!

Much love,

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