Wednesday, October 20, 2010

House Cup Happenings

Hi! This is Needlesnswiffers, Deputy Headmistress, and I'll be writing a new column here on the blog called House Cup Happenings.

So what's going on around Hogwarts? October classes are well underway. Quidditch players are flying high and Slytherin and Ravenclaw have already had their House Pride Exhibition days. Hufflepuff's will be this coming weekend, October 22-25, and Gryffindor's are November 5-8.

Defense Against the Dark Arts Co-Professor Addykan will be on sabbatical for a bit. As Caretaker, Oriocookie will be Acting Co-Professor for the foreseeable future (although perhaps if you want a time frame you can study Divination this month).

History of Magic is studying Deathday parties this month, and in the interest of non-procrastination the Professors are offering a chance at special bonus points by turning in homework BEFORE October 27. That means on or before October 26.

So what's caught my eye lately?

Dnatheory, Ravenclaw House, found yet another use for mini-socks.


Alethea, Ravenclaw House, has used a muggle doll toy to disguise toilet paper.

Frimptes, Hufflepuff House, has scored a goal in Quidditch with a project that evokes everything great about the House Cup. Where else, really, could you make a Gryffindor Fascinocto and have people tell you how awesome it is instead of having you hauled off? Seriously. Seriously!


Drake, Ravenclaw House, penned .... typed.... a cheer for the House Pride Exhibition:

Ravenclaw House Pride Weekend!

With apologies to a number of technical schools who I’m sure have similar cheers…

Themistocles, Euripides,
The Peloponnesian War,
X squared, Y squared,

Astrolabe, Sextant,
Ravenclaw SOAR!

I apologize that my chant-writing was inadequate to allow for the inclusion of the Antikythera mechanism.

In Divination class, 3secondfish, Slytherin House, asked,

Suppose you want to scry in a pool of ink and found that your familiar has knocked over the bottle and is gleefully spreading the contents throughout the house.

Is it acceptable to scry in another dark liquid, such as rum?

New moms Ravenclaw RChrispy and Hufflepuff Luckynumbers have achieved what we like to call NEWTs in Eagle and Badger Reproduction, respectively. See their announcements with pictures here and here!

EDIT!! It's come to my attention that Ravenclaw Hypercycloid also achieved a double NEWT in Eagle Reproduction on October 7th and 8th - yes, that's right, twins with different birthdays. Sorry to have missed you the first time, and congratulations all around!

And that's all for this week! I have an untreated Ravelry addiction but I can't catch everything, so if you see something funny, a great project, or an announcement that should go into House Cup Happenings please PM or earburn me, needlesnswiffers, on Ravelry!


CraftyShanna said...

Thanks for the awesome post NNS! This is a great new addition to the Cup blog. :D

Onica said...

Oh my word. That octopus hat thingamabobber is truly awesome sauce.

Steph said...

Shanna - Thank you!

Onica - I know right?!??

Anonymous said...

It's the look on Claire's face that gets me each time I look at her with her mini sock earwarmers.......

MindySue said...

WOW, this is just great.

You did an awesome job!!

Steph said...

Thank you Mindysue!!