Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hello from the Headmistress

Everytime a new term starts in the House Cup I sit back and look at all the awesome that is the house cup. The time and thought put into each class. The way people are sorted. What Quidditch will be (even though I know in advance...). I think the thing that makes me the happiest in the house cup is how excited everyone is for a new term to start.

And what a term it is. I'm very excited because I have a finished project done within the first week. That's an all time personal record. But... I have significantly more time since the month of weddings is over.

I made a pair of Reading Mitts. It's a delightful pattern. And quick as well since it's knit in a dk weight yarn. I used some of my Duets yarn. It's a yarn dyed locally by a good friend of mine. I can't wait until she's done with her maternity leave so I can get more.

On the needles now is an Edwardian Collar. Out of cashmere. It's lovely and I can't wait to wear it onstage in October. You all are invited to come see me in The Music Man and see that collar in person!

I hope everyone is having as fantastic time as I am in the House Cup. Welcome to the start of term!

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