Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Staff Interview

Today's Staff interview is with Fosterson esteemed DADA professor who will be assuming the helm from Scarlettb.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself outside the House Cup.

A: I'm a funeral services student in real life, and my mother was a funeral director before me. I've gone back to school at 35 because I got laid off and couldn't find a job. I was born and raised in a very small town in Texas, but I moved to Seattle as soon as I could! I love the Pacific Northwest, from the mountains, to the Sound, to the wild patchwork of cultures, to the weather. It's a beautiful place to live.

I've crocheted since I was a small child (8 or so), I taught myself to knit in October 2008, and I taught myself to spindle spin in October of 2009, to spin on a wheel in January of 2010. I also needle-felt and dye, and I'd love to learn to weave but my schedule's full up!

My partner and I have been together since May of 1998, but we "tied the knot" literally in August of 2008! We've been best friends since I was 15, so I've known him almost half my life. We're very happy together. we have a Rottweiler puppy named Cora and two very naughty black sister cats, Madame Leota and Divalicious.

Q: Why DADA?

A: CONSTANT VIGILANCE! That, and it just seemed right to stick my hand up and volunteer when the professorship opened up. I love the House Cup so much, and this is one way I can give back to both PrincessOnica and ScarlettB, and to the Cup at large. Besides, who can resist a Slytherin when he's teaching about the Defense Against the Dark Arts? What's not to love?

Q: What is the darkest art you've had to defend against?

A: Spreadsheets. Give me the willies. Screaming heebijeebies. I'm serious. Oh, and the dreaded tangleskein jinx. There is nothing worse than working along on a bit of luscious Estonian lace, only to discover your thread-weight cashmere has gotten a knot the size of a mountain troll's eyebrow in it. You try sitting down and untangling that without issuing a few Crucios. Um. Not that I know anything about how to cast that spell, except in theory.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a professor?

A: Well, since this is my first (and hopefully not last) term as professor, this is a hard question because I don't know! I can tell you why i wanted to be a professor: the chance to write up class assignments! I get such a kick out of seeing what the assignments are each month, and I wanted to join in the fun.

Q: What is your least favorite part of being a professor?

A: I think my least favorite part is going to be one of the things I hate the worst about any position of responsibility: saying "no". I hope I don't have to do that very often, because its just no fun for anyone involved. That said, I firmly believe that the buck stops with me, and I won't hesitate to do it if I need to. I just don't want to have to do it!

Q: If you could have one spell in real life what would it be?

A: No spell, but an object. I'd LOVE to possess the Philosopher's Stone in real life. I'd love to see what people are up to in 100 years or so! i don't want to live forever, but you know, I'd love to stretch it out a few hundred years!

Thank you to Fosterson for his time away from grading parchments to provide us with this glimpse into the mysterious world of DADA instruction.

This is Rockinsticks signing off. Tune in next Tuesday to find out what makes Frick such an interesting Potions professor.

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