Monday, May 3, 2010

Quidditch season has begun!

Welcome, everyone, to another thrilling season of HPKCHC Quidditch!
As you probably have noticed, quidditch is for a good cause around here (your cause is up to you), and there are so many causes clamoring for your crafts! Teams are meeting right now to pick their themes, so don't be late for practice! [Picture Oliver Wood glaring, here]

So, here's why I love quiddich:
  • there are points to be had! Many, many points!
  • good crafting karma is very important when you need a favor from the Fiber Fates. Put 'good' out; get 'good' back!
  • this is a chance to collaborate with members from all the houses in your year and really rock the House Cup!

Now I invite you guys to share what you love about quidditch in the comments ... have at it!


Steph said...

The many, many points!

The interhouse interaction!

The challenges!

The change of pace!

J-Mi said...

I love how awesome GazeboGal is. :)

And how the 3rd Years are going down!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I'm partial to the awesomeness of the coaches, and the way the Third Years are going to wind up spanked.

MindySue said...

I love Quidditch for many reasons, Charity being my favorite. The interhouse friendship built, the coaching staff (GazeboGal, Suenosdejmi, Stuartsmom and Boppingbeth) and the way the Third Years pull together especially in taking down the Fourth years.

Soprano1 said...

I especially love Interhouse Quidditch Teams, crafting for charity, and squashing the Third Years. QuadDragon Heartstring Equation Rock on!